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    Paizo Paizo Recognizes Union!

    I am sadly amused by all the people downplaying the fact Paizo recognized the Union. What more did people want? If they didn't recognize the union, people would be upset. If they do recognize the union, people are upset. There is this maxim that you applaud the actions you want to see, heck it's...
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    D&D 5E The Last Edition of D&D?

    Part of the uptick on D&D is that the young crowd has bought in on 5E. 5E came at a good time when fantasy was cool. Implementing a 6E would drive a bunch of them away. If they diversify 5E with new settings and new rules it will sustain 5E longer, which retaining the "new" crowd and helping...
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    Want A Paid Job As A Professional GM?

    I live an hour away from Alton, Hampshire...New Hampshire...USA. Got excited for about 3 seconds too long.
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    Interview with Darrell Hayhurst, Ulisses North America - Part One

    Cool, thanks. I'm curious, and it probably won't be answered in this set of articles, but what is up with Ulisses International and no more mention of Ulisses North America? Also, the Torg Facebook page was eliminated and rolled into generic Ulisses FB page. Things seem to be changing. As a side...
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    Open Call: Kickstarter's RPG Zine Quest

    I'm curious to know if this includes pdf. The impression I got was that it is for print only, not even print on demand.
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    After the Crash Live! 5E Post-Apocalyptic Science-Fantasy

    After the Crash is now available! It is a Post-Apocalyptic Science-Fantasy ruleset for 5E. You can now play in a world of your own creation with mutations and long-forgotten artifacts, a world with sentient animals and plants, a world in need of saving. Included are... New Races: Mutant...
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    Resolutions for the Fantasy Hero

    Heroes wouldn't do some of those things, they are villainous acts. Heroes do the right thing even if it makes life harder instead taking the easy way out. Now, I will grant you that morally ambivalent heroes might do some of them and some (perhaps many) PC groups would do them as well, but...
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    After the Crash - A 5E Post-Apocalyptic Science Fantasy RPG

    After The Crash is a 5E Post-Apocalyptic Science Fantasy RPG launched as a Kickstarter. This is a collaborative endeavor between my wife and I, as we translated her Gamma World campaign into the 5E ruleset. The Kickstarter is for a full 250+ page book that presents a plethora of new material...
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    What's New With Iron Crown Enterprises?

    There is ultimately no difference between rolling 1d100 or 1d20. It is a cosmetic change, but since RM was created with the d100 it is a legacy item that doesn't really need to be changed. I suspect your real issue is something else. Is that there are sometimes more than 20 possible results on a...
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    Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana Presents Alternative Encounter Building Guidelines

    One of the biggest (to me) failures of 5E is the lack of a strong and intuitive encounter building system. This article didn't help in that regard.
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    5E One-Drop NPCs

    Want an NPC in a hurry? Just roll one of each type of die and get an instant NPC fully statted out with description, stats and a quirk. Now up at Dungeon Master Guild is 5E One-Drop NPCs as Pay What You Want. "I like how simple and...
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    D&D Movie Takes Cues From GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

    Didn't they try (and fail miserably) with adding humor (of which GotG was full of) with Marlon Wayans/Snails?
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    Heritage: 50 Backgrounds

    We've decided to start producing under the DMs Guild. For this we've taken our popular What Came Before (25 Backgrounds) and upped our game by adding another 25 Backgrounds for 5E. This 105 page product is useful for character generation for any campaign or for providing quirks for multitudes of...
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    Why Aren't Designers Using The GUMSHOE System?

    Combat. For me the system falls apart when it comes to combat. My players like to do some role-playing and the one game I did run of Gumshoe (Ashen Stars) they definitely enjoyed. However, they also like to run combats and that is Gumshoe's weak point. To me it is anemic and lack-luster. While...
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    7TH SEA Sold To John Wick

    I love the original 7th Sea (and L5R of which he was the main designer). I also think he was a strong designer...was. I feel as time has gone on he has diminished as a designer...or at least moved away from my own likes and concepts of what good design is. Maybe he was just trying new designs...
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    D&D 5E What Came Before - 25 New Backgrounds for 5E

    The "one article" is 56 pages long. But, yeah, pricing can be tricky for PDFs. What I did was go by the other PDFs on the market for comparison and by the page count the price seemed reasonable to me. However, there are many places to get new Backgrounds for 5E for free including here on...
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    D&D 5E What Came Before - 25 New Backgrounds for 5E

    Thanks for the purchase, I hope your group finds it useful.
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    D&D 5E What Came Before - 25 New Backgrounds for 5E

    Just released in PDF form is What Came Before: 25 Fantasy Backgrounds all designed for 5E. If you are looking for more choices for your character or even want to use these to give some more life to your NPCs, this is an excellent product for that...