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    D&D General How do players feel about DM fudging?

    I hate fudging with a white hot passion. There is no DM screen behind which to roll dice. If I'm rolling dice, then the dice matter. If the game needs a particular outcome, then I'm not rolling dice. I strongly prefer that DMs I'm playing with do the same.
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    Regarding the Life of Threads

    You've stolen my schtick AND necro'd this thread 2.5 years early. Damn you! :mad: Now my plans for world domination are set back by 6 months!
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    Regarding the Life of Threads

    Arise, Dark Thread! I call on you to grant me your great powers over impermanent death and terrify my enemies with dark and potent words from the distant past.
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    Enemy of the State

    Enemy of the State
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    Magical adept level 1 spell.

    Mage armor Shield Hex Absorb elements Identify Detect magic Comprehend languages Faerie fire Bless Charm person
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    How often is counterspell used in your games?

    Almost every time there's an encounter with an enemy spellcaster and the party has a sorcerer, warlock or wizard of 5th level or higher. Sometimes multiple times per encounter.
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    Half-Elf (Eladrin) Variant as per SCAG?

    In our campaign the half-elf eladrin gets fey step (misty step spell) once per short or long rest instead of 2 skills from versatile.
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    Drow and an Archdevil previews

    Wis (+8) plus Proficiency (+8) = Perception +16; Passive Perception 26
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    Mike Mearls Happy Fun Hour: The Warlord

    It's called a bard. Now go back to CM.
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    D&D 5E Misty Step in manacles?

    Problem. Solved. :D
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    Mike Mearls Happy Fun Hour: The Warlord

    How about Warlord's non-magical healing ability gives options to spend Hit Dice during combat. There's already precedent with the Dwarven Fortitude feat from Xanathar's Guide.
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    D&D 5E Misty Step in manacles?

    Your DM is cockblocking you and making you ask permission to have fun. Tell him, "No, that's not the game I want to play," and point him to this thread.
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    What're your personal "signature spells"?

    I don't ever play divine casters, so focus here on arcane casters. 1st: shield, absorb elements 2nd: see invisibility, misty step 3rd: counterspell (!!!), fireball, and sometimes hypnotic pattern 4th: banishment, greater invisibility 5th: hold monster 6th: true seeing 7th: forcecage, simulacrum...
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    D&D 5E Summon Monster Spell

    1 minute casting time for a 1 minute concentration spell makes this spell nearly useless for combat. If that's what you intended, cool, but if not reconsider either casting time (1 action) or duration (1 hour concentration).
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    D&D 5E The Multiclassing Poll!

    2.5 year, multi-DM, multi-PC per player campaign that has run for 99 game sessions: Of the 19 characters played in 10 or more sessions 7 have multi-classed. (There are another dozen or so characters played in less than 10 game sessions). The most common "dip" is cleric 1 by three different...
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    D&D 5E When to Award XP?

    This is exactly what we do.
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    D&D 5E Glibness vs. Angel's Divine Awareness

    This. Also ... it's an 8th level spell. It should be really powerful. It will be used 1/day at most. Let the players' toys work. That'd be my ruling.
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    D&D 5E In-depth Discussion of the DMG & PHB on Game Master's Journey Podcast

    I've listened to episodes 137, 138 and 139. Super detailed ... precise ... dare I say pedantic? A large segment of ENWorld will love this stuff.
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    D&D 5E "Harvesting" a dragon corpse for magic items

    The PCs in our home game recently killed an adult white dragon and have indicated they are planning to skin the dragon to take trophies. I want to make this more interesting and potentially more rewarding. With that in mind I've decided that they can use parts of the dragon's corpse to make...
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    D&D 5E Is it fair to cast save-or-suck spells on the players?

    I'm wondering why the three spellcasters wasted their time with the other spells when they could each cast banishment in an 8th level slot and target 5 PCs each ... 3 saves each. The entire party probably would be at home relaxing. :D