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    Jericho 11/8/06 (spoilers)

    well, at least something happened this time... gunshots and everything... apparently, the dad survives his infection, as the previews for next week showed him up and around... well, next week's show looks interesting too... okay, so far we know: an indeterminate number of large US cities were...
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    Jericho 11/1/06 (Spoilers)

    I missed last week's episode (the only one so far), but apparently, I missed a lot... so, the cities weren't nuked by ICBMs, but by guys in trucks with suicide switches? So what was with the ICBMs that got launched two episodes ago? And something took out the power? As for this week... not...
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    yet another War of the Worlds?!

    while browsing in FYE the other day, I ran across a version of WOW I hadn't seen before.. this one stars C. Thomas Howell and Jake (?) Busey. From what the cover shows, the Martian walkers are low slung four legged things, rather than the towering three legged ones from the book. Anyone ever...
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    War of the Worlds (Pendragon) SPOILERS!!

    As we were just talking about the imminent release of this movie only a couple of months ago, I was rather shocked to find it in Walmart on DVD for $8 last week. Apparently the movie went straight to DVD instead of the theaters.. I'm guessing they didn't want to compete with the big budget...
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    24 5/9/05 (spoilers)

    has noone started a thread on this yet? OK, so the missile is off and away... where's it going to hit? Or, will they come up with some ingenious way to abort it? And they finally have Marwan in custody, and he's wounded (Jack is really vicious sometimes), so he's probably not going...
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    The next great superhero movie

    Although I was never much of a comic book fan, I always liked superhero movies. They are definitely a mixed bag. Some are superb (Superman 1-2, Xmen 1-2, Spiderman 1-2, Batman 1-2), some are so-so (Hulk, Daredevil), and some are just plain bad (Punisher, Superman 3-4, Batman 3-4). Just out of...