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    5E Running "Odyssey of the Dragonlords"

    I read through it. One of the big concerns/questions I had was what to do about all the tag-along NPCs. Various sidebars say the five gods won’t/can’t fight the titans or their forces, but two of them are very likely to tag along and... not do anything? And then there’s a number of other...
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    5E Dragon + is (probably) coming this or next week... and with it the next D&D book announcement

    “Everyone connected to the game” doesn’t sound like they’ll be talking about a book. Has she been consulting on one of the D&D games that’s in production? Maybe she got her character put into that Warriors of Waterdeep game, or Idle Champions?
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    5E Dragon + is (probably) coming this or next week... and with it the next D&D book announcement

    Somehow I feel like that comment is not actually about the next D&D book. It seems like a clickbait-y type announcement of an announcement that will inevitably result in a let-down. It’s probably some project she’s been working on as a hobby or something.
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    5E Recommendations for a 5e 3rd party adventure path?

    Zeitgeist, as recommended above, seems really good. Call from the Deep seemed good on read-through. I just finished reading Rise of the Dragonlords, and it seemed pretty epic. It goes all the way from 1-20, but there’s good stopping points around levels 12 and 17 if you want that. There are a...
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    Which modules/sources have info on Tharizdun?

    I’d have to check the specific book references, but 4e had a decent bit of material about Tharizdun as it talked about the Abyss and the blood war and the seed of chaos.
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    5E Arcanis Campaign Setting for 5e - What's it like?

    I’m currently running a game of it with some friends on Discord. It’s got a really gritty feel, with some regions pushing into grimdark (like the region of Canceri) and overall it pulls a lot more heavily from non-medieval tropes. The Coryani Empire is clearly modeled on Ancient Rome, for...
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    5E Xanthian boot rear?

    Concentration checks are constitution based, not wisdom.
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    5E Xanthian boot rear?

    Why does it need stats? A quick google search to figure out what it was already provides all you need: it’s a fizzy drink. When you drink it, you feel like someone just kicked you in the butt. If you positively need to have it do something mechanical, have the imbiber make a con save to avoid...
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    OVERLY CRITICAL: Sucking the joy out of the game.

    I think one of the fastest ways to lose that critical attitude would be to DM. Unless you just happen to be a super amazing DM or are super egotistical (and statistically it’s more likely for you to be egotistical than an amazing DM), once you see the level of work and energy and heart that you...
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    Is there a better summary of Midgard?

    None of those mentioned, but there is an adventure titled Return to Castle Shadowcrag that does. There’s an adventure for the castle in an older edition, too, that could be converted if you wanted.
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    Is there a better summary of Midgard?

    This is absolutely true. In fact, Kobold Press has published a number of adventures and one shots that could be strung together into two separate campaigns spanning levels 1-10 - one campaign in the Crossroads area and another in the Southlands. You can read more about that here: So You Want to...
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    Is there a better summary of Midgard?

    I would focus on a region. Each region has some themes and tone that seem to go along with it. Want weird Lovecraft stuff? Check out the wasted west. Want arab-esque dragon empire? Check out the Mharoti empire. Chivalry and standard medieval war seasons around the Seven Cities. Egyptian and...
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    5E Show me your favorite missing class

    Yeah. They couldn’t think of thematically different mechanical options for them, and didn’t want to seem super sexist, so they just made the king class. There’s also some historical precedence for women being kings.
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    5E Show me your favorite missing class

    I love Ben Huffman/Sterling Vermin’s classes, which currently include the pugilist, magus, scholar, and spiritualist. Mage Hand Press is also one of my fave 3PPs, and they have several amazing classes: warmage, Warden, witch, alchemist, craftsman, investigator, and gunslinger. They’ve got...
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    5E PHB shows up in Target.

    A Domino’s Pizza die might create confusion, what with it having more pips to read. Maybe put the logo on the 3 side?
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    5E EN5ider #295 - Mini-Adventure: Desert on the Road

    When will EN5ider patrons receive the updated and revised classes from the recently fulfilled Touch More Class Kickstarter?
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    5E EN5ider #294 - Zeitgeist #8: Diaspora (Part 2)

    When will En5ider patrons get the finished and revised content from the Touch More Class Kickstarter?
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    5E EN5ider #291 - Intriguing Organizations: The Graven Sculptors

    With the revisions to A Touch of Class complete and published with the new A Touch More Class, when will the En5ider patrons get access to those revised and updated/expanded materials?
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    You can now buy The Masterclass Codex: Sixteen New Character Classes

    Speaking of the Patreon, when will those supporters get the compiled and revised material from the books?
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    Kobold Press's Margreve Kickstarter

    Kobold Press launched their Kickstarter for Tales of the Old Margreve: 5th Edition Forest Adventures on September 27th. The Kickstarter is intended to fund two books - a campaign set in the titular forest (which is itself set in Kobold Press's Midgard setting) and a player's guide containing...