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  1. jonesy

    The Boys season 2 trailer

    This looks so hardcore even Homelander is shook. There's a whole bunch of very fast cuts of Black Noir going on a rampage. And one blink and you'll miss it Homelander vs Starlight clash. Edit: wow, did Amazon accidentally post it before they were ready? Suddenly all the links have been purged...
  2. jonesy

    Half-Life: Alyx trailer

    Not sure if IGN is trolling with that description. Apparently this new story happens right before Half-Life 2, so it's definitely not the third one, no matter how they are counting them.
  3. jonesy

    Divinity Original Sin Board Game Trailer

    Everything I've seen of Larian Studios makes it seem like such a fun working environment. They're just making games they like playing and having so much fun doing it. :D Took a look at the Kickstarter page for this game and they've already doubled their goal with a month still remaining.
  4. jonesy

    Wasteland 3 Trailer

    Trailer from where it just became available for preorder. There was also a demo earlier, which I'd missed: I really like the atmosphere they've put in this game. Feels almost like The Thing. Wasteland 2 didn't entirely fulfill the hype, but it wasn't a bad game at all. I'm hoping...
  5. jonesy

    502 Bad Gateway

    Getting a lot of these 502 connection errors today. Have to reload each page five or six times before seeing them, and logging in took me fifteen minutes. I'm not even sure how this message reads, as half of the interface is missing from my screen (well, not missing as such, but all the...
  6. jonesy

    Queen's Wish: The Conqueror - Announcement Trailer

    Queen's Wish: The Conqueror on Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software, him of Avernum and Avadon fame, has come out with a brand new game (instead of just remakes of the old ones). On his Twitter he is saying that this will be mechanically completely different from his previous games. Also...
  7. jonesy

    Cyberpunk 2077 Cinematic Trailer, preorder and release date. The game just became available for preorder and now there's a date as well. It says "playable on April 16, 2020". :cool:
  8. jonesy

    Baldur's Gate 3 Announcement Trailer

    From Larian Studios, the makers of the brilliant Divinity rpg franchise:
  9. jonesy

    Legion: 3rd and final season trailer Trippy as ever. Is that finally (a young) Professor X at 0:48? The first season of the show was great and while the second took a long time to really get itself off the ground the finale was amazing. Hoping that the third has learned its lessons from...
  10. jonesy

    Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 "The Last of the Starks"

    Ambushed by Euron "I Am The Storm" Greyjoy: - Balon (So sorry, but you are not the storm. Fly away now.) - Yara at the Kingsmoot. (So sorry, but you are not the queen of the Ironborn. Run away now.) - Yara and her fleet. (Say hello to The Storm, niece. RIP the Sandsnakes.) - Theon with her...
  11. jonesy

    Ubisoft supports Notre Dame with €500k donation, and offer free Assassin's Creed Unity for PC to all.

    Ubisoft supports Notre Dame with €500k donation, and offer free Assassin's Creed Unity for PC to all. I've got to say this is very cool of them. I can't help but wonder if...
  12. jonesy

    Divinity: Fallen Heroes - announcement trailer A turn-based tactical game from Larian Studios, set in their Divinity universe. Gameinformer got to play a demo of the game, and they're saying only 10% of the people there managed to beat it...
  13. jonesy

    Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 announcement trailer The game is available for preorder on Brian Mitsoda and Chris Avellone are part of the development team. There's talk that some people have been let in to play the demo of the game, and that everything is more polished than in the trailer, and they're...
  14. jonesy

    Avengers Endgame Trailer #2 Looking at this trailer I am picturing a boxed set with all of the MCU movies in one definitive set.
  15. jonesy

    Game of Thrones Season 8 Official Trailer
  16. jonesy

    Dark Phoenix Trailer 2 It says "Coming Soon". They've pushed back the release a couple of times already, and now it doesn't even have a solid release date anymore?
  17. jonesy

    Spider-Man: Far From Home Teaser That's a rather long teaser, I do have to say.
  18. jonesy

    Hellboy (2019) Trailer This movie looks like if Constantine and Suicide Squad had a baby, and that baby wrote a movie script with crayons. And then that movie script was taken by the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, who hired Sharknado to do the dialogue for it, and then...
  19. jonesy

    Avengers Endgame Trailer
  20. jonesy

    The Outer Worlds by Obsidian Entertainment

    Once upon a time there was a game development studio called Interplay Productions. Interplay created a revolutionary game called Wasteland (which was, in retrospect, somewhat surprisingly published by Electronic Arts). Almost a decade later Interplay followed up with a spiritual successor...