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  1. Endur

    To Heal or Not to Heal

    I don't want a party to be forced to have a cleric (or a member of any other class). I don't want clerics (or other magical healers) to be forced to use up their cool spell slots on healing spells. While I'm ok with the party without a cleric having a harder time fighting undead, I don't want...
  2. Endur

    Red Hand of Doom in the Dragonlance Campaign Setting

    It seems like an obvious fit for a 3.x game. Has anyone adadpted Red Hand of Doom to fit the Dragonlance Campaign Setting?
  3. Endur

    Taunts & Marks vs. Challenges

    As a long-time tank, I despise taunts, marks, etc. I'd much rather have a high damage attack than a high threat attack. That said, I like the challenge concept. If I damage an opponent, and nobody else damages the opponent, it makes sense that the opponent would try to damage me back. edit...
  4. Endur

    Determining Experience and Rewards for overcoming challenges

    How do you determine experience and rewards for challanges? Example: Party A encounters challenge 1. It takes 3 hours for party A to succeed. Party B encounters challenge 1. It takes 5 minutes for party B to succeed. Suppose that party A and B have the same level (although classes and gear...
  5. Endur

    Paladins: Lawful Good only and other restrictions

    In AD&D, Paladins were a restricted class. Paladins had to be lawful good, had to have chr 17+, and had a number of other restrictions (tithing, other rules related to lawful good). In exchange for all of these restrictions, the Paladin was a fighter+. The paladin had nearly all of the...
  6. Endur

    Leveling up Monsters

    For 5e, should monsters be leveled up through adding class levels, through an advancement process (such as Monster Manual advancement adding abilities per additional hit dice), or something like AD&D advancement (Fire Giant King has combat ability of a cloud giant, orc leader has maximum hit...
  7. Endur

    Victories and No Defeats in D&D

    In The Hobbit, the party of dwarves seems to lose more fights than it wins. The dwarves are taken prisoner by the trolls. The dwarves flee from the giants in the Misty Mountains. The dwarves are taken prisoner by the goblins of the Misty Mountains. The dwarves are treed by a group of worgs and...
  8. Endur

    More Tricks and Traps, Less Combat

    I'd like to see a greater emphasis for tricks and traps when exploring ancient tombs, and less combat. AD&D put a lot of emphasis on tricks and traps (see the charts in the AD&D DMG, Tomb of Horrors, etc.). Also, certain monster opponents such as Green Slime, Yellow Mold, have been around...
  9. Endur

    Where did all the drow go?

    Where did all the drow go? Seriously, it seems like there's been only one drow adventure in the past five or six years. Last major drow adventure was City of the Spider Queen around the time of the War of the Spider Queen novel series. Only drow adventure I've seen since then was the...
  10. Endur

    10:1 illegal downloads

    I don't believe the 10+:1 numbers at all. I've been playing RPGs for 30 years, and I just don't believe it. I think WOTC has to come forward and demonstrate some facts. Furthermore, WOTC may be including legal fair-use downloads in its illegal numbers, so I'm very curious to learn WOTC's...
  11. Endur

    Modules: Hero marries the Princess

    Anyone know of any adventure modules that do a good job of capturing the classic story theme of how the brave hero overthrows the evil tyrant and rescues the princess. Most D&D modules are designed for parties, and don't really award the idea of one character marrying into royalty. Likewise...
  12. Endur

    Ring of Vampiric Regeneration

    Anyone know if D&D still has this magic item or something similar in one of the books? I know it is not in the DMG anymore.
  13. Endur

    WOTC Battle Maps

    I really like the new WOTC battle maps from the Fantastic Location series and the Red Hand of Doom. Does anyone know if there is a list of all of the adventures/products that come with the new battle maps?
  14. Endur

    Video Games Alcohol consumption effects

    I can't find a chart in the PHB or the DMG which explains what effect alcohol has on characters. Is there still a chart that describes this in 3.5?
  15. Endur

    Sacred Circles: +2 to attack

    Recent WOTC battle maps in Fantastic Locations and other modules have had a terrain feature called a Sacred Circle, which grants anyone inside the circle a +2 to hit and damage qualifies as magic for purposes of bypassing DR/magic. Does anyone know where the Sacred Circle comes from. Is it...
  16. Endur

    Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

    This remake of I6 is a fantastic adventure. I highly recommend it to new players and old players. It is the best adventure module I have purchased. The production values are superb. The best module from a presentation point of view that I have ever seen from any publisher. For 34.95, you...
  17. Endur

    Endur's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

    Expedition to Castle Ravenloft OOC thread: Rogues Gallery thread: Current players include: Isida Kep'Tukari: Lia Nailo, Elf Ranger Goddess FallenAngel: Alessandra Exaultiacien, Human Cleric of Pelor...
  18. Endur

    Endur's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

    Endur's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft IC thread: OOC thread: Rogues Gallery thread: Current players include: Isida Kep'Tukari: Lia Nailo, Elf Ranger...
  19. Endur

    Endur's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft OOC

    Endur's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft IC thread: OOC thread: Rogues Gallery thread: Current players include: Isida Kep'Tukari: Lia Nailo, Elf Ranger...
  20. Endur

    Creating Weapons of Legacy

    Has anyone let their PCs create weapons of legacy (just like creating magic items)? Do the Weapons of Legacy rules seem balanced in comparison to the usual magic item creation rules?