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    WOIN Creating Spells in WOIN

    Here's an example spell if anyone can spot anything wrong with it. The only thing I don't know how to calculate how many ranks the magic skill should have. Does anyone know how to work that out? Acid Arrow Create acid
 Cost 7 MP; skills evocation 0
 Casting time two actions
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    WOIN [WOIN] Dark Sun

    For 8 years I've been looking for a rule set that would allow me to play a game in the Dark Sun world I envision after reading the books. Unfortunately D&D and it's derivatives have left me unhappy for various reasons (with 4e coming the closest to working for me). I think WOIN could actually...
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    5E Legendary Games: Open Call for 5e designers

    This is something that's easily missed so I thought I'd post it for people interested and are comfortable with both Pathfinder rules and 5e rules: You can find some of their work (including mine!) over here at their website. I've converted two of the adventures at Legendary Games (working on...
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    5E XP Tables Across the Editions

    Looking at how much XP you got for "encounters" or "monsters" across the editions, I thought it interesting to translate those XP advancement tables to 5th edition. Here's the guidelines I've used: AD&D (1e and 2e): roughly assumed each PC fought 3.33 "at level" monsters per level until around...
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    Yet another Dragonmarks Thread (inspired by 4e)

    With the recent question about settings I remembered my 4th edition Eberron campaign fondly and decided to dust off some 5th edition dragonmarks I made a while back. In 3.5e dragonmarks granted characters a number of once per day spells. When 4e came along dragonmarks granted characters a...
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    Houserule: Unarmed Strikes [PEACH]

    So the latest Sage advice brought to my attention how awful of an option WotC is determined to make unarmed strike for everyone except the monk. Balance reasons are being invoked so I wanted to see if we managed to improve unarmed strike if we could reveal some of these terribly unbalanced...
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    5E New 5th edition Adventure: Baleful Coven (6th level)

    The Baleful Coven is an adventure for 6th or 7th-level characters that brings deadly danger to your heroes as they learn that their crusading heroics sometimes come with a price. Whenever adventurers toast their success after a hard-fought victory, their boots are soiled with the spilled...
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    5E Access to Races in a Campaign

    So I was wondering do Dungeon Masters habitually restrict what races are available in the campaigns they run? And if so, how do you do it and why? For those who don't do it, why not? Whenever I game I personally do restrict what races are available and the only time I have played under a DM who...
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    5E Literacy and Languages in your game

    I've been working on languages for my game as I am not a fan of how D&D 4th edition and 5th edition handled languages. Players begin play being able to speak 1 pre-determined language based on race/ethnicity (humans are split into a number of ethnicities) and 1 pre-determined language based on...
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    5E Important facts about your campaign world

    With the recent news on the Sword Coast Adventurers Guide I'm tempted to update my notes and convert my next campaign from being set in the 1st edition era of the Forgotten Realms to the current one. To help set the parameters and tone of my version of the Forgotten Realms I've boiled down 3...