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    Understanding WOTC's class design guidelines and subclass acquisition

    In art, rules are made to be broken. You see it in all the great works. The key is to break them in intentional and calculated ways, rather than clumsy and ignorant ones. That difference is the difference between blazing a new trail and wandering off a cliff.
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    Justify A Level 1 Drow On the Surface?

    Here's your first major decision gate for a surface drow: Are you there by choice or by necessity? A drow on the surface by choice might be philosophically opposed to the dominant drow culture and seeking alternatives. They might have left seeking something that can't be found at home, such as...
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    5E Which way to go with pole arm build?

    The bugbear sounds like overkill. What will 15ft reach do that 10ft reach won't? I'd only do it if I had a really solid idea for a bugbear PC. Between Fighter and Paladin, it's a toss up. Given how short my recent campaigns have been I might lean towards the Fighter just to have a hope of...
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    On whether sorcerers and wizards should be merged or not, (they shouldn't)

    Thematically there's a niche for Sorcerers. They form a trinity with Wizard and Warlock of learned power, borrowed power, and inborn power. The big question is if there's a mechanical niche for Sorcerer that's both distinct from the other two and still robust enough to support an entire class...
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    WotC Removes Latest Unearthed Arcana

    Your attempts to delegitimize people you disapprove of are becoming unsightly. They're not honestly held opinions shaped by cultural events, they're "ravings". It's not an opinion shared by a large number of players and expressed across multiple platforms, it's a "twitter mob". If you have a...
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    WotC Removes Latest Unearthed Arcana

    Well, it really begs the question what a Love domain should be about, doesn't it? At least traditionally, marriage rites are paired with a deity of family, home, and hearth. Love is more often associated with passion, fertility, and art. The two barely overlap. So on the one hand, I'd really...
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    New Unearthed Arcana - Subclasses 2 [UPDATED]

    It was never officially released. Someone on reddit was guessing URLs based on the previous article and found the PDF link. They weren't ready to push this one public yet, possibly because they weren't happy themselves with the current draft of some of these. So it's no surprise that they've...
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    Unearthed Arcana: Four New Subclasses

    An interesting suggestion from Reddit for the Beast Barbarian is a slight reskin with more vampire flavor. You've got claws, a life draining bite, the ability to skitter across the walls and ceiling, and can spread your blood rage to enemy and ally alike. It's a great mechanical foundation for...
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    If Psion is fixed and official does it belong into FR as basic and RAW?

    I draw a distinction between "Exists as a player option" and "Exists as a common and well known part of the setting that helps shape events and NPC attitudes". This distinctions exists because I consider PCs to be inherently exceptional. They're rare talents, people marked by destiny...
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    Matt Mercer Speaks About The Wildemount Book

    I think it's inherent to the fan-ish mindset. It makes you feel like you belong, but it's easy to fall into thinking that means it belongs to you. I've seen the same thing happen with comic book fans, TV and movie fans, sports team fans, wargaming fans... you name a fandom, I'm sure you can find...
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    Matt Mercer Speaks About The Wildemount Book

    Quite probably true, for certain values of "we". People who read and post to D&D forums? Maybe not. But it's good to eat a slice of humble pie and remember that not only are forum goers not a majority of players, we're not even a representative sample. Some voices are louder than others and...
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    5E March's D&D Book To Be Announced On January 9th

    My preferred replacement metaphor is a tossed salad. Everything gets mixed together in new and interesting ways, but while retaining more of their individual nature than a melting pot implies.
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    5E March's D&D Book To Be Announced On January 9th

    While I'm hungry for those too, I think March is too soon. A March book needs to be in final editing and layout by now. I think the UA subclasses are due a secret draft release first, and almost certainly won't all be in a setting branded book.
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    Which of these UA subclasses do you HATE?

    I'm not particularly hung up on identifying it as specifically the "Be the Nameless One" subclass. Fiction is full of heroes back from death, or the verge of it. The Crow, Ghost Rider, the Bride from Kill Bill, the recent fad for reincarnation stories in anime, the list goes on. But I make it a...
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    Which of these UA subclasses do you HATE?

    In concept, I like the idea of making it a subclass. It gives you room to put mechanical weight and game abilities behind it, and that makes it more real. More earned. If it's just a plot point in your background it's just chuuni posturing about how amazingly awesome you are even though you're...
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    Which of these UA subclasses do you HATE?

    That runs into worse problems from the other direction. Either you need to make a subrace variant for every single eligible race or you end up with "Well I was a halfling but then I died and now I'm all big and generically human looking". By bolting it onto Rogue it's open to everyone and can...
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    Which of these UA subclasses do you HATE?

    I don't know about others, but I have two issues with it. One is that the True Name mechanic is messy and rife with subjective calls. The other is that it's another attempt to give metamagic type boosting effects to the Wizard when the class is already strong without it. The last attempt, the...
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    Which of these UA subclasses do you HATE?

    Hate is a strong word, but I tried to engage by voting for a few of my least favorite. I'm not surprised to see my choices of Onomancy and Wild Soul are relatively wildly shared. I'm also not surprised to see that Psionic Wizard is #3, though I don't share that opinion. Revived Rogue not only in...
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    Is there a DM Obligation for PC Abilities?

    So let's sketch a hypothetical. The party leveled up two weeks ago and Joe's PC got a new ability that's a little specialized and hasn't come up in play yet. Then the situation where it applies arrives and Joe doesn't recall he's got an answer for it, but I do. What do I do? If I'm a player at...
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    5E Official Unearthed Arcana Survey on Psionic Options Open Now

    That's basically the solution they already implemented for Blade Pact Warlocks but with an extra item destruction twist. As such I can't say it's a terrible idea, but there are some issues. How does it interact with sentient weapons? Does the base damage die change if you imprint a rapier or...