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    [Adventure] New Cyre Borderlands (Judge: )

    --------------------------------------------- PCs: Grys (KarinsDad), Eladrin Hybrid Swordmage Wizard 4 (Defender|Controller) Ryda (Mezegis), Half-Orc Ranger 4 (Striker) Unit 16 (evilbob), Warforged Warden 4 (Defender) Jarren Star Gazer (Antithetist), Shifter Shaman 4 (Leader) Mythra Stelwart...
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    Proposal - Allow 3rd PC's

    Per Kalidrev's request ;) I would like to propose allowing third PC's following the same rules as having your second PC. If your second one levels up you can add a third one. It seems we have availability of adventures right now. Edit: To add some more details to the proposal. To get a 3rd PC...