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    D&D 1E About the Asian contributors to Oriental Adventures, or Who even were these guys?

    I made this post in another thread about asking actual Asian people what they thought about Oriental Adventures, which as an Asian American myself I appreciated a lot, especially given how dismissive some people are about opinions from actual Asian Americans on OA. the OP brought something up...
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    General threadcrap redirect

    so dialogue options are in first person. at first I thought it was just an interesting stylistic choice, but then I realized it's probably an effective way to get around this issue: [Edited out - not appropriate]
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    D&D 5E Help me make the (first part of) Way of Mercy more phoenix-ish

    So we're about to hit level 3 in my current campaign, and my warforged monk has this phoenix motif going on. my DM is down for homebrew stuff, so I'm here to ask for help with ideas. I want the healy part of this subclass 'cause we really need healing in this party. Hands of Healing doesn't need...
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    D&D 5E [5e] What subclass should I choose for my (kinda sorta pacifist) warforged monk?

    I'm in a campaign currently where I'm playing a warforged monk. I wasn't sure what subclass to choose and kept putting it off 'cause I didn't need to decide until level 3, but suddenly level 3 is coming up very soon. I don't know monk as well as I would like, so I'm asking here. also while I...
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    D&D 5E What are these character sheets?

    Earlier today, Kotaku posted their review of the 5e Starter Set. While the author pointed out the campaign coins in this picture, what really caught my eye was the character sheets he was using. Any idea what these sheets are? :confused: