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    70s CBS Late crime drama?

    I remember in the early 90s, they had something like "Crime Time After Prime Time". They had like a different show every night. One of them was Forever Knight, about a vampire detective. Then they got Letterman. But long before that, they had a movie in that time slot.
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    Star Trek Picard extended Comic-Con trailer

    While part of me thinks this is pretty neat, at the same time, I really wish there was a Star Trek that was more like Star Trek of the past...going into space and exploring new worlds. I play Star Trek Online and basically it's one war after another. Seems like Star Trek has done that on screen...
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    D&D 5E [5e] [B/X] Into the Unknown and old school modules

    Just to be really pedantic, both B1 and B2 were originally written for Holmes Basic D&D then later converted and re-released when B/X came out in 1981
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    Mobile Device Data Plans Vs “Power Users”

    I finally caved in and got a smartphone this month as a birthday present for myself. So far, just streaming music I've used 5 gigs in 15 days. Once i figure out video streaming (tried Pluto TV but it was confusing), I imagine I'd use a lot more.
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    What it's like Reading SF from the 50's

    Eh, try reading back issues of Galaxy magazine, which was the premiere Sci-Fi mag of the 1950s (available from the Internet Archive), which featured authors like Asimov, Vance, Heinlein, Pohl, Simak, Sheckley, Silverberg, Blish, Sturgeon, etc. I won't say it was immune to that sort of thing...
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    D&D General Portrayal of D&D in Stranger Things 3 -some spoilers

    The group I played with pretty much stopped around '86 or '87. We were 15-16, had gotten part time jobs, cars, interested in dating girls, and for some reason, golf. Picked it up again in college.
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    RPG Attack Site Closes As Author Outs Himself

    Is the evidence just that the posts are coming from the same town? Admittedly, it's an obscure town (or at least, I've never heard of it), but still, not exactly a smoking gun
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    Old Timey CRPGs ... FOR THE WIN!

    One of the things I loved about Wizardry was that the manual included a bunch of cartoons by the same guy who did the cartoons in the DMG I think Might & Magic more than The Bard's Tale really took things to the next level. The world was huge and weird.
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    D&D 5E Which kind of D&D content, created and published on Patreon, are you most likely to support?

    I backed an adventure creator. Basically for $1 (then $2) a month, you got an adventure. (Actually stopped because for some reason, he insisted on using the highest res stock art possible, causing his 10-12 page adventures to be 100 megabytes or more, and I just didn't have enough room on my...
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    D&D General Should Baldur's Gate 3 be turnbased or Real Time With Pause?

    I literally bought every Infinity Engine game, but I never played more than an hour into any of them because I just couldn't cope with the real time combat. Which is strange, since it wasn't a problem for me in NWN1 or 2 (or its descendants). But those were primarily single character games...
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    Is Pathfinder 2 Paizo's 4E?

    I think the key difference is that 4e was very well designed, it just was different than what people (including me) apparently wanted.
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    Pathfinder 2E Paizo Update: Pathfinder 2E Core and Bestiary in Regular and Deluxe Editions

    This strikes me amusing, as it's somewhat what AD&D 2e did with "kits"
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    D&D 5E Why the Druid Metal Restriction is Poorly Implemented

    I think you're actually looking at it backwards. It's not that Druids are not-allowed to wear metal armor, it's they are allowed to wear non-metal armor. Thematically, Druids shouldn't wear any armor at all. AFAIK, there weren't any reports of them wearing it when the Romans attacked them (and...
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    Geekdom Takes a Bow

    I think at some point though, these things became popular culture and ceased being "geekdom". For instance, at work, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone that doesn't like super-hero movies and there was a group of 60-something ladies talking about Game of Thrones. But there is only one other...
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    That's neat, but kinda an odd choice of systems. How many people who played back in the day are now playing Pathfinder? And how many people who play Pathfinder are still playing Pathfinder 1?
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    Why are we okay with violence in RPGs?

    That's actually the thing that people get wrong. Killing orcs in D&D (at least early versions) was not really worth much XP. An orc was worth 15 xp. A fighter would have to kill 134 of them to reach 2nd level. XP mostly came from loot. But how do you get that? That's up to the players...
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    [Chaosium] Chinese edition of Call of Cthulhu and Miskatonic University board game announced

    That's interesting, given how recently China destroyed a batch of CoC books that were just printed in China, not meant for its consumption.
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    Mythological Figures: Sherlock Holmes (5E)

    He was actually also a boxer (or rather, primarily a boxer), as it's mentioned in numerous stories (including the 2nd novel, where he runs into a boxer he boxed against). His "baritsu" skills were created as an explanation for how he wasn't killed by Moriarty and I don't think ever showed up in...
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    Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit Announced from R. Talsorian Games

    The great job they did with the Witcher RPG gives me great hope that this will be as good as Cyberpunk 2020 And not really directly related, but a few days ago there was a very cyberpunk-esque video for the excellent synthware song Streets