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    BURMANIA! Part 2: "Keep on Going!"

    Wow, that's a pretty amazing story. Life is full of fascinating characters!
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    PF2 PF 2 Demo- Curiosity wins out

    Interesting observations, thanks for posting them. I'd really like to find the opportunity to give PF2 a try, but I don't think it would be a good time to try converting our existing 3e game that's been running ~2 years. Everyone is still having fun with it and enjoying the mechanics of the...
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    Monte Cook Games’ Next Kickstarter Is Ptolus (for 5E and Cypher)

    That was an explicit goal for Monte at the time. He had multiple blog posts detailing how he wanted to book to be useful, not just as a reference, but as a sort of travel guide. He compared it to a Fodor's for the setting, with cross-references and all. It is really hands-down the best...
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    5E Just One More Thing: The Power of "No" in Design (aka, My Fun, Your Fun, and BadWrongFun)

    I don't know if I'm too late to this thread, but after reading the OP (yes, the whole thing. really) I'm really hoping they will add a PHB2.
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    Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Video Game Coming

    Really looking forward to this one. Kingmaker was a ton of fun, even on my 6 year+ old budget rig, and I'm looking to upgrade soon. :)
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    New D&D Stream Replaces Dice, Camera, Action!

    Got it, thanks! Another example of art imitating life :)
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    New D&D Stream Replaces Dice, Camera, Action!

    What happened to DCA?
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    Take 216,000 d6 damage!

    Sloppy dice at my table. That's always a reroll.
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    Tyranny of Dragons: A Review

    Outstanding review. Thanks!
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    3E and the Feel of D&D

    Count me as another person who is confused about the general disdain for THACO. It seemed reasonable and was pretty easy to both remember and apply for me. But hey, to each their own.
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    Rate Pathfinder 2E

    Not really. Maybe compared to 5e, but not compared to many games. I'm running 3.5. If I put my party of 4th level PCs up against a single Hill Giant (CR 7, which is party level +3), it's almost assuredly a TPK. That doesn't mean I don't have Hill Giants in the game, it just means the party...
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    3E and the Feel of D&D

    3e was a revelation to me. It was everything I loved about D&D, but more. Now I could make characters that had real differences that were expressed mechanically in the game, more than just: this fighter uses a sword and shield, and this fighter uses a two-handed sword. While I've tried other...
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    Release Day Second Edition Amazon Sales Rank

    Completely anecdotal, but... I just bought the core rulebook and the bestiary from my FLGS, and I asked the owner how it was selling. He said it was moving great, much better than he thought it ever would. He said it was slow at first, but then in one weekend he sold half of his entire stock...
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    Dread Isn't for Everyone

    What's wrong with a cumulative dice mechanic? That seems like an obvious option.
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    2000AD Check out this map of Judge Dredd's Cursed Earth

    Lol, that is exactly what I was thinking.
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    Getting A Realms Campaign Up And Running

    You need a correction here. I think you meant to say: "This is how I start a convention game, not a long term campaign." Also, I find it somewhat amusing that you are basically telling Ed Greenwood that he's been doing it wrong. Different strokes for different folks, after all.
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    The Imaginary Book that Spawned "Necessary" Monsters

    Great piece, thanks for this!
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    City of Brass - Boxed Set - Anyone Got Any Details?

    After a few pages of introductory material, Book 1 starts with a four-page history and mythology behind the City of Brass and all of genie-kind. It centers around the first genie, Sulymon, who is created from a spirit as a servant to the gods. Sulymon goes on to create the rest of the genies by...
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    City of Brass - Boxed Set - Anyone Got Any Details?

    Cool! I don't really know what the format is supposed to be for a "let's read thread", but I'll do my best :) Part 1 - The box contents The DriveThruRPG link is to PDF and POD, but I have the original boxed set, so this review is...
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    City of Brass - Boxed Set - Anyone Got Any Details?

    I'm fortunate enough to own the boxed set of this, and I've been re-reading it again hoping to get my current campaign into the Plane of Molten Skies and the City of Brass. I'm repeatedly amazed at just how much incredible content is packed into this set, from details of the city and...