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    Pondering a TTRPG Merit Badge for Scouts (what are the important things about RPGs?)

    I’ve instructed this merit badge twice for Scouts. It works just fine for TTRPGs as written. No need for an additional merit badge
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    D&D General What are Players?

    In my opinion, no. He is adjudicating the game
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    D&D General What are Players?

    Playing a game
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    D&D General What are Players?

    No to all of the questions
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    What is your opinion of Savage Worlds?

    It is hands down my favorite system. SW doesn’t work for for everything, but it is vibrant and exciting when it does.
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    Let's Talk About RPG Worldbuilding

    90% of my worldbuilding is on the spot
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    Are You Burned Out?

    Hmm, while doing minimal prep may be a sign of burnout, I am stronger GM when I go minimal prep for a session. I’ve learned that over years of trying to prep ahead of time. The idea of prepping actually gave me burnout I will read and collect ideas in my bag of tricks to pull out when necessary
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    How do you feel about learning new rule systems?

    Doesn’t bother me, I’ve learned 30+ systems over 30 years
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    Kickstarter for Deadlands The Weird West Funded

    I’ve had decent success playing Savage Worlds in various locations over the past 10 years. It’s not D&D or Pathfinder, but there is an audience out there
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    Which is your favorite new class & why?

    The Inquisitor, hands down, oozes flavor and feel from every pore. I could not have asked for a better "Divine Bard".
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    Mearls talks about his inspiration for the 4e classes

    Back on topic...I agree with the Avenger being based on Severian in principle. (See below for artwork) If you have never read Gene Wolfe, I suggest you actually start with The Knight and The Wizard, both of which are fairly new and a bit simpler to get into. After you have gotten a taste for...
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    D&D accused of being satans game.

    I would edit your post to say "some misinformed christians view" instead of "misinformed christian view". I have only run into a couple people who actually believed that D&D was satanic. I ran a group for a while that had 3 catholics, 2 baptist, one jewish guy, andan agnostic. No one there...
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    Worst case scenario: Could WotC "break" the whole industry?

    If D&D disappeared, the hobby would not collapse, but it would shrink heavily because the steady influx of people that D&D brings into the hobby would practically disappear. Without the steady influx of people that almost all of the other companies rely on, many will close up. Consolidation...