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    Winter Fantasy 2018 Ticket Trading

    Is anyone interested in doing some DDAO ticket trading? I have Slot 6 and Slot 9 DDAOs for trade (other DDAOs not in those slots).
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    Making AL-legal Open World

    So my players are wrapping up Season 1 and I've got a rather ambitious plan for them. Upon finishing 1-14, I intend to have them decide whether they want to free Phlan or not. If they do, then they can try the fight against the Vorgansharax. If they defeat him, they continue on to the PHLAN...
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    STK - Runes into a set of Claws/Brass Knuckles

    So thanks to HotDQ, we know that "claws" are a weapon type, albeit not one specified in the PHB. This is because there is a set of magical claws that add +1 to unarmed strikes. My question is, because certain Rune items from SKT can be imbued into weapons, could a player imbue the Rune into a...
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    AL Magic Items and Druids

    So I'm starting a Druid soon as I got to thinking, what sort of magic items have you seen that you (as a DM) would allow to be used, while shapeshifted, under AL rules. I'm thinking things like Cloaks of (insert name here) would be acceptable, but what else?
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    Cutting Words Canceling Nat 20

    So I feel like this hasn't really been discussed: Personally I vehemently disagree with that, but it's straight from the horse's mouth so to speak. Does AL have an official stances on this? I know the normal line...
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    OotA Magic Items AL Legality *spoilers*

    So I'm going to keep this as vague as possible to keep people from abusing knowledge about magical items within the adventure. But suffice to say, there is access to some AMAZING magical items in OotA, in theory. One example is the Wand of Orcus, which has been ruled to not be AL legal...
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    Find Steed

    Is there any guidance as to what AL allows to be summoned as a steed? So far the only thing I've seen at tables is the War Horse. But the spell specifically calls out for better mounts as the Paladin levels. Any guidance on good breaking points/mounts to ask for? Obviously Pegasus, Hippo...