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    Are Video Games Ruining Your Role-playing?

    I took this at a very basic level, i.e., do video games kill my ability or willingness to play RPGs in person. Witcher 3 and AC Valhalla soak up so much of my limited time in my busy 40s, thus, to me, they absolutely are my ruining my role playing. ;) That said, I can't really imagine that...
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    D&D General Dungeons & Dragons art discussion

    A large proportion of my inspiration during the halcyon days (for me) of D&D is derived from the wonderful cover art. Dragon magazine covers were like a maintenance drug. ;) Even the fonts were quintessential at the time and helped to create the aura of something historic, epic, and mysterious.
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    D&D General D&D vs. Anime

    Not sure if this is a false-construct or if anything to it, but I seem to notice that I have my anime friends and I have my D&D friends. The guys/gals who are into anime seem to have a different preferred aesthetic than the ones who gravitate toward D&D. If I were to characterize the two groups...
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    D&D General The History of 'Immersion' in RPGs

    Wow, that's an excellent description of immersion as I understand the concept and aim to achieve in my games. I've taken to heart, in addition, Stephen King's adage of achieving a suspension of disbelief.
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    D&D General Damn I miss Dragon Magazine

    I miss something tactile, too. I received Dragon for a good 3-5 years, and and enjoyed: To have something to look forward each month The cover and interior art The thoughtful and well-paced stories and articles The editor and reader comments were dynamic and usually sage On an odd note, I've...
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    D&D 5E Post your pictures of your favorite Libraries here! (Candlekeep inspiration)

    There's a house for sale in my area that for some reason seems as though one would find a mysterious tome or adventure therein:
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    D&D General There's A New Dragonlance Novel Coming

    Sure, there's something to that, but it also risks damaging the brand image. Weis & Hickman can seem "rejected" and WoTC can seem overbearing or jettisoning their initial creatives, which does not bode well for attracting new talent, etc. But anyway, it does interest me how the Chronicles and...
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    D&D General There's A New Dragonlance Novel Coming

    I thought the publicity-stunt comment was a joke.
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    D&D General There's A New Dragonlance Novel Coming

    I have conflicted feelings about this. Thus far, I have been very impressed with the quality and standards of the 5th edition WoTC materials, thus, publishing separately makes me wonder about the rigor and frankly likability of this new work. We shall see! Hate to be a pessimist, but does this...
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    D&D General DM Authority

    This may sound pompous, but I walk in and out with a quiet authority. I suppose the word of the DM, mine, is never questioned and there is an unspoken agreement that it shall not be questioned for the sake of the game. There's an alignment with Stephen King's mantra in On Writing regarding the...
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    D&D General Baldur's Gate 3 Early Access

    Did a quick search on this thread but did not see "apple" come up and "Mac" is too short to be, is this playable on Mac? I'm not familiar with this other platform, Stadia?, people are referencing. I feel as though I'm asking the most obvious question!!
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    D&D 5E How to convince better half

    This seems spot on. It's like zero interest/intrigue, which I found so surprising from someone who reads King, Tolkien, etc. but a laissez-faire approach is in order, and maybe seeing others play will pique curiosity or not. I'm fine either way. ;)
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    D&D 5E How to convince better half

    Sage advice!! I particularly liked the reality checks and baby steps if she expresses a modicum of openness. It's interesting, we started the quarantine playing board games and spending a ton of family times, but sadly we've become relegated to more and more screen time. I'm trying to change pace.
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    D&D 5E How to convince better half

    Hi all - for some of the old-school gamers here, do you have any tips for enticing your better half to the D&D side? I gamed back in the day and this quarantine has sprung the itch again, however, having a young family presents a few challenges as well as opportunities. My kids are intrigued...
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    D&D 5E WotC Dungeons & Dragons 2020 Product Survey

    That's a well written survey. I like how they are very open ended in their questions, e.g., not only "what do you like about...x" but "what do you like or dislike about...x" etc.
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    D&D 5E How Do You Reward Attendance and Participation?

    Tons of great ideas in this thread! I've had some good experience (pun intended!) implementing the following: Personal stories and goals for each character (e.g., a character should be working toward something important to him/her, e.g., a laboratory for arcane experiments) Quest and encounter...
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    D&D 5E Are Barbarian’s “Meh”

    Good question. There are probably some built up biases, as one can assume that D&D players may trend toward the nerdy (i.e., smart?!) end of the spectrum and try as one might, Barbarians are stigmatized as being fairly straightforward, less...creative characters. ;)
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    Larry Elmore Creates Art For Grimmerspace

    Love the sneak peak into his studio space, too!
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    D&D on the New York Times

    I'm old-school enough to subscribe to the paper-based version of the Times, and the front page of the Sunday Review section where this is contained had some "click bait" at the top saying "Why D&D beats Facebook" or something such that. Got a good smile out of me, and the point of the article is...