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  1. greywulf

    Making Minions

    Guys, unless I'm going completely blind, I can't find the rules for making Minions anywhere in the DMG. Or adapting them from existing Monsters, either. I've check both the sections on Customizing Monsters, and Creating Monsters, and I'm convinced it's got to be in there somewhere. Now, I know...
  2. greywulf

    Is Star Wars RPG the perfect d20 system?

    I've been reading it through it preparation for one of my group running a game in the near future, and I'm liking what I see - a lot. Almost of the the niggles and stuff that jars about D&D has been ironed out beautifully to produce a neat, well constructed and streamlined game system. Here's a...
  3. greywulf

    Shamus does AoO

    Utterly brilliant LoTR strip and exactly why I hate AoO so much :)
  4. greywulf

    How come there are so few Medium +0LA races with inherent spell ability?

    So I've got an idea for a character who's absolutely bristling with magical energy; someone for whom the words "out of spell slots" just doesn't apply. I'm not interested in munchkinising the idea - a character with shedloads of cantrips would suit me fine. In the campaign, all characters are...
  5. greywulf

    A little Scandinavian Mythology for you

    My other half is Swedish. She's written a little piece about the Mythology she grew up with as a child and I figured it would give a little inspiration for all you creature hungry DMs out there. The Scandinavian history behind Santa Claus might be of special use if you're planning a festive game...
  6. greywulf

    How do you encourage players to use Level Adjusted races?

    I'm sure this has been done to death before, but I've just cast Resurrection. Again. IMC, we use this House Rule for Level Adjustment which works very well for us. In brief: : Each “Level Adjustment” costs the PC one of their free feats. So, a +1 LA race doesn’t get a feat at first level; a...
  7. greywulf

    A quick look at Intimidate: the D&D wunderskill

    I've posted this up in the Role-playing section of my blog , but thought it worthwhile dropping it in here for input from you guys (and gals) too. Hope it gives food for thought :) Want to find secret doors, avoid traps and be lead straight to the treasure? How about doing all that without even...
  8. greywulf

    Microlite20 : the smallest thing in gaming

    A request on this thread for information about the quickest and easiest RPGs that you can buy and understand in a day got me thinking. Y'know, it happens. Sometimes you want to run a role-playing game, but don’t want to be surrounded by hundreds of books. You don’t want do be bogged down by a...
  9. greywulf

    20 essential monsters

    Folks, I've been trying to come up with a list of just 20 essential monsters with which whole campaigns could be made. The kind of critters I could keep the statblocks on 8 sheets of paper and be able to create an infinite number of scenarios. Of course, that means that the majority of the...
  10. greywulf

    Advice req: Heal House Rules

    Sure this has been covered before, but........ One thing I love about d20 is the little quirky rules that don't quite fit together. One thing I hate about d20 is the little quirky rules that don't quite fit together. This is what's on my mind right now: the logic behind increasing HP per...
  11. greywulf

    Change the background!

    Morrus, Love the new minimalist layout, but can we have something other than black as a background, please? It's a pig to read on mi' Palm! Ta.