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  1. Pobman

    13th Age Converting 13th Age's Eyes of the Stone Thief to D&D 5E

    13th age is my favourite RPG, but I agree with you about the icons. When I have run a campaign, I've got the players to roll at the end of a session so I can work out by the time of the next session what all the rolls means, but I would still be interested in alternatives to the Icon rolls and...
  2. Pobman

    D&D General From the Freelancing Frontline – Meeting Giants

    This was a delightful read. I am glad you were rewarded for your courage, I would never have the balls to make all the sacrifices you and your wife did to achieve my dreams. I can't wait to read more of your articles :)
  3. Pobman

    Space is Not the Only Thing Trying to Kill You in the Alien RPG

    I was going to pick this up at Dragonmeet, but I got sick so I couldn't go. This was by far the biggest reason for my disappointment at not being able to go :(
  4. Pobman

    D&D 4E Favourite Combat Encounters

    Thanks guys. I will check out everyone's recommendations.
  5. Pobman

    D&D 4E Favourite Combat Encounters

    Thanks. Looks like I should definitely check out Scales of War!
  6. Pobman

    D&D 4E Favourite Combat Encounters

    Thanks! I will look that up. I always liked some sort of hazardous terrain in 4E combat and it is certainly something I want to use in my board game.
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    D&D 4E Favourite Combat Encounters

    Hi, What were your favourite combat encounters in 4E? Ideally from a published source so I can go and look them up, but your homebrew ones are welcome if you describe the set-up in enough detail. The reason I ask is that I am designing a board game and I am taking some inspiration from 4E D&D...
  8. Pobman

    D&D 5E Perilous Places: The King's Mercy

    On Friday, I donated the money I had made so far from Perilous Places: The King's Mercy to the Alzheimer's Society. £23.44 has been raised so far. Thanks to anyone that bought it. Pictures for proof in the tweet below:
  9. Pobman

    D&D 5E Perilous Places: The King's Mercy

    Just to let you know that I have updated the file to replace the picture of the Mind Flayer with a better one. Also for anyone who is bored and wants something to read for 5 minutes, I wrote a G+ post about my experiences writing it:
  10. Pobman

    D&D 5E Perilous Places: The King's Mercy

    I'm pleased to announce my first product on DM's Guild, Perilous Places: The King's Mercy. My half of the cover price is being donated to The Alzheimer's Society. Here is the link:: Abandon hope all ye who enter! Can you...
  11. Pobman

    Eyes of the Stone Thief

    5 out of 5 rating for Eyes of the Stone Thief First off, this book is expensive. But I think it is worth every penny. Reading throguh it I got the impression that the author 1) put a *lot* of effort into making a fun campaign, packed with interesting ideas and characters 2) put a lot of effort...
  12. Pobman

    What are people homebrewing?

    I've been pondering about doing a 4E hack when I've finished my curent project. My aim would be to rewrite player bits only so that I could still use all of my DM stuff. I haven't given it much thought though, apart from a thought about redoing Martial PCs. I was thinking of taking all of the...
  13. Pobman

    13th Age Bestiary

    5 out of 5 rating for 13th Age Bestiary There is not a word wasted in this book. The introduction tells you what the book is for and gives some advice on how to use the book and build interesting and thematic encounters. Then we get to the meat of the book, the beasts, monsters and villains. As...
  14. Pobman

    D&D 4E Opinions on good 1st level 4e adventure

    How many sessions will you guys be playing for? I ran a one off session of 4E for about 4.5 hours using The Radiant Vessel of Thesk by Shawn Merwin, which can be found at the Living Forgotten Realms Archive. I used monster stats from Threats to the Nentir Vale as replacements for the monsters in...
  15. Pobman

    What Will Become of the FLGS?

    Yeah, two in Nottingham in the past two weeks! We actually had a D&D tweetup at one of them (The Dice Cup) on the 12th March. I think gaming stores really need to monetize people coming in and playing, whether it be charging them for table space, or selling food and drinks to them. Obviously...
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    D&D 4E Who's still playing 4E

    I'd love to see a video of a group playing through a "Skill Challenge done right". Does anybody know if such a video exists?
  17. Pobman

    Coolest 3pp or "rare" mechanic

    Hi, I was the author of the Legendary Locations blog posts. Thanks for the kind words, after the morning I had had, it was just the thing I needed to cheer me up. :) A word of warning though, the Midgard Campaign settting isn't for 4E and the articles I wrote referenced the page numbers in the...
  18. Pobman

    D&D 5th Edition Player's Handbook

    2 out of 5 rating for D&D 5th Edition Player's Handbook Positives The artwork is pretty cool – I’ve even come to like the Halfling depiction. Combat is fast (which everyone else seems to like). The book oozes flavour Negatives: I am visually impaired and even though every other RPG book...
  19. Pobman

    13th Age Core Book

    5 out of 5 rating for 13th Age Core Book I really love this system. I haven't played it much so I may not have played it enough to uncover any problems with the system. I love the escalation dice and how that helps make sure comabts don't go on too long. The One Unique Things can easily be...
  20. Pobman

    D&D 4E Who's still playing 4E

    I ran a one-off D&D game the other week and used 4E. It was for 5 people - 3 have played 1st edition, 1 hasn't played anyhting and my wife who is very experienced with 4E. Everyone really enjoyed it. We played The Radiant Vessel of Thesk as I wanted to use an adventure we could finish in one...