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  1. Kamaloo

    Looking for 1-3 newb players for an online asynchronous game - PF1e

    You can be new to Pathfinder 1e, you can be new to PBEM, you can be new to both. If you have a good writing style, like roleplaying as much as combat, and are fun to game with, you're who we're looking for. If you're a 5e player, but interested in writing/Pathfinder, we could be who you're...
  2. Kamaloo

    PF1e Eberron PBEM seeking players

    Hello! I'm planning to run a pbem in Eberron, using the PF1e rules, some of these conversions, and some house rules. I have a character generation rules page I can link you to in a PM if you're interested, as well as a Discord chat about it, if you're chosen. The game will be run out of...
  3. Kamaloo

    Pathfinder 1E Eberron - The Forgotten Forge (Interest check)

    I'm thinking of running an Eberron campaign, beginning with The Forgotten Forge. I would use PF1 rules, and some of the conversions found here. I'm not looking for applications yet, but I know I find it easier to come up with concepts if I know what rules are in use, so here you go: I would...
  4. Kamaloo

    Access for silver subscribers?

    In a thread on the Paizo boards, you (Morrus) indicated that those of us who have a permanent silver subscription for defending the walls would have access to the Trailseeker articles. How do we access those articles? I saw that one that isn't one of the freebies has arrived, but I don't see...
  5. Kamaloo

    Ideas for point buy to tie characters to their builds and the world

    I'm thinking of running Rise of the Drow, and I'm going to have the players use point buy to build their characters. I want to use an idea I saw someone on the Paizo board use to encourage players to delve into their PC's background and personality: everyone starts with 15 points to buy...
  6. Kamaloo

    Online - Rise of the Runelords pbem needs a player

    I'm running a Rise of the Runelords pbem game that, due to some players having trouble with logging into Yahoo Groups, has had a slow start. The Yahoo problems have been fixed, but we seem to have lost a player, and I'm looking for a replacement. Our posting rate isn't expected to be too...
  7. Kamaloo

    Pathfinder 1E Danish Pathfinder pbem seeking players

    I'm going to be running Rise of the Runelords for my Danish friends, but we're at least one player short. I'll be running it in English, but since the byplay will probably be in Danish, I'm hoping there are some Danes on this board who are interested. (However, if it comes to crunch time and I...
  8. Kamaloo

    Arcane sight/Detect magic question

    Do Arcane Sight / Detect Magic allow you to see the auras of magical items hidden inside or behind solid objects?
  9. Kamaloo

    Weather Generator?

    I've been wanting to generate weather that makes sense over a long period of time, so I don't get the "it's hot! now it's cold! now there's a tornado!" sort of weather most generators seem to supply. I'm thinking one that supplies temperature, precipitation, cloud cover and wind conditions over...
  10. Kamaloo

    Enchantment or Necromancy?

    If one were to cast Magic Circle vs. Chaos, it would prevent enchantment effects - does that include all mind-affecting effects, such as fear from a Scare spell?
  11. Kamaloo

    Awkward channeling rules

    EDIT: Ok, I've tried to cut it down to the bare bones. Casting 50, 75 and 100% of a channeler's spells makes them sickened, fatigued and exhausted in turn, and a familiar halves the penalties. Any comments? I run a game in which channeling saps the strength of clerics and sorcerors, but the...
  12. Kamaloo

    Forgotten Realms timeline question

    Does anyone know what month in 1345 DR Jyordhan was slain by Khelben Arunsun? I know Daggerdale was occupied in Hammer, but I can't find the reference that listed the events by month. If anyone knows the sourcebook that mentions it, please let me know!
  13. Kamaloo

    Looking for water slavers

    Can anyone recommend a published adventure or module (including any Dungeon adventure) that focuses on slavers AND water travel? Preferably for a group of level 6-7, but anything would be welcome. Thanks! :)
  14. Kamaloo

    Monster advancement

    When you advance a monster, is there some chart I'm not seeing, or is the number of HD you advance it entirely up to you? What would it's CR become?