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    Looking some party games...

    Hey all, I'm looking for some recommendations for games to play with a large number (10+) of people. The games need to be (more or less) kid friendly as we have a couple of 8 year olds (going on 15) but also entertaining for the adults, some of whom may be alcoholically impaired... We're all...
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    Bristol UK

    Hi, I'm looking for a group in the Bristol UK area... Don't really mind what is being played, but in an ideal world DnD 3.5 would be my preferred choice.
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    Armour and Wings

    I've been playing a celestial-based character with wings. As a cleric I have armour proficency and have been wearing chain mail. We have just found some full plate armour and a discussion ensued on whether I'd be able use it. There doesn't seem to be any core rules on how armour fits - would it...