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    DM having Epic difficulty, seeking other DM experience

    I think it's just the nature of the beast at epic. My DM told us after a not-particularly-hard battle that we just beat a level 34 encounter. At level 25. One thing that helped was that we had a plethora of stunning powers, so in pretty much every battle the biggest opponent never got an...
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    Longest Board Game You Ever Played

    I came in here to comment that old school Avalon Hill games are easily the longest games you'll ever play, and saw indeed lots of those answers. My personal longest is probably Avalon Hill's Caesar (Battle of Alesia). One really long game lasted about 25 hours spread over a week or so. It has...
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    Tactical Markers: What's Your Preference?

    When gaming online (which is unfortunately almost always, since our DM is in the Army and travels a lot), we use Maptool and create tokens with TokenTool and whatever art we can find. In person, we stick with a MegaMat and wet erase to map, and have taken to using beer bottle caps to represent...
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    Lvl 1 Bear Shaman AC a problem?

    I wouldn't worry about it. Level appropriate monsters have high enough attack bonuses to basically auto-hit everything but a character's highest defense anyways. At best you're talking about getting hit only 70% of the time instead of 90%. If your defender is doing his job, you should have...
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    How often do you use minions?

    As a DM, I love using minions. The only problem is that they are worth far too much XP, so I just reduce their XP by half for accounting purposes. As far as I can tell, my players love chewing through hordes of minions, so I provide a lot. My DM hates minions, and I think it's been about 10...
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    What do you keep in a bag of holding?

    My character is paranoid about environmental deaths, so he has stuff like: 500' silk roap 50 pitons shovels hammers winter blankets cold weather outfits extra rations extra water sunrods 10 foot pole Deepfarer's Pouch
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    If it's the DM's job to make sure the players have fun...What is the PLAYER'S job?

    If you're not doing nothing, then you're doing something which will force a DM response, which will give you fodder to react to.
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    If it's the DM's job to make sure the players have fun...What is the PLAYER'S job?

    The player's job is to take whatever the DM throws at them and make it entertaining and interesting for everyone, even if the DM's clearly struggling or winging it. The player's job is to be involved. When the DM describes a scene, do something with it. When the DM pulls out an NPC...
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    How Do you Game? First Person or Third Person?

    Our party originally used first person, as it was most natural. Our DM decided he wanted us to try using third person in our current campaign, as he had some psychological reasons why it'd help us role play a distinct individual. It's actually been somewhat helpful. More importantly, it gives...
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    D&D 4E DM'ing 4E - Stuff "Everybody Knows"

    Elites or especially solos with high defenses lead to epic grind and should be avoided. If your party has a TON of healing capacity (i.e. can allow the party to spend a ton of surges in one combat), normal battles become easy battles and hard battles become normal battles. Either throw small...
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    What Condition Colors do You Use?

    Frankly, once you get into Paragon there are way more conditions than colors. We have things like: White Lotus (something?) - Minus one to one defense Astral Seal - Minus 2 to all defenses and a healing perk Vulnerable 10 all Vulnerable 5 lightning Pacify - If he attacks this round he's...
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    Is It Anathema to Take A Heroic Feat w/ a Paragon Feat Slot

    If you think a Heroic tier feat would be better than a Paragon tier feat, go ahead and take it. There are so many feats out there anymore that it's easily possible that a heroic feat is better for your character than any paragon feats.
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    Maps for PbP?

    I imagine the simplest way would be for the DM to keep everything updated on a Maptool campaign, then take screenshots of the battle map regularly and send out pictures. You can turn on grids and coordinates so that it makes it easy for the players to describe location between map updates...
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    First-Time DM - Keep on the Shadowfell

    KotS is quite a grind. As in, a mind boggling abount of combat. I would consider trimming some of the encounters. Another thing to keep in mind is that most of the enemies are melee-only, and there are chokepoints aplenty, which leads to boring, static fights. From just reading through the...
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    GameMastery Flip-Mats

    I bought one sort of on a whim to see how it compared to my Chessex Megamat. The Megamat is the far superior product, even with it's deficiencies. The creases on the Flipmat never go away and are extremely annoying. They make drawing lines on the mat quite a chore. The fact that it folds up...
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    Weapon and Implement Expertise

    Granted I've only played up to level 13, but I haven't noticed a problem yet. I'm deliberately avoiding taking Expertise feats in order to see if I ever notice it. Based on my experiences so far, I don't really think it's too necessary. Even at just level 13 we're already slapping down...
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    How often do you provoke AOO/OAs as a DM?

    I do it often. Mostly because a lot of my combats involve demons and related monsters that are extremely bloodthirsty and have little to no regard for their own lives. Provoking lots of OAs increases the damage and decreases the grind, and it facilitates more interesting combats and choices...
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    Do you "save" the PCs?

    Unless it's brutally obvious that it's the PCs fault, I go a little easy on them and give them a chance to pull it out. This is mostly because I'm having trouble balancing encounter difficulty, so I'm ratcheting up the difficulty. So if the PCs are in a life-threatening encounter, it's...
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    Avenger Power: Oath of the Final Duel Questions

    I thought you could automatically tell which square an invisible enemy was in unless it also made a Stealth check?
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    Monster design and expected bonus to hit...

    A 15th level defender with a shield should have an AC of at least: 10 + 7 for 1/2 lvl + 3 enhancement + 10 masterwork scale + 2 heavy shield __________ 32 Reasonably you can add +2 from more magical armor and masterwork bonus, +1 feat, +1 plate. You should also have some ways to consistently...