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  1. Laurel

    Can you flank with a non-ally?

    2 attacking middle = flanked If all three are attacking each other (10 ft. reach) then no flanking bonus. If 2 are attacking the middle character reguarless of friend status then flanking applies. Though it would not be hard to say for the sake of those rounds the characters are friendly as...
  2. Laurel

    No multiclassing penalties?

    I've played a few games now where we did not enforce mult-classing penalties. It really has not seemed to effect the game much. We have not ended up with anyone way over powered due to multiclassing without penalities. And in some casses even without the penalties we have made characters less...
  3. Laurel

    Evil & Good PCs working together

    More difficult in that it's my first evil PC so keeping evil in the way I want and not just bloodthirsty out to kill every living thing no matter what evil. At the time the part was neutral, and most getting closer to the evil side of neutral.... And some in the group haven't played together...
  4. Laurel

    Evil & Good PCs working together

    This is why I wanted to start the thread.. and I must say I am very happy with the responces so far. Most seem to think 'hard' or 'may have issues' instead of 'impossible' or 'will never work'
  5. Laurel

    Evil & Good PCs working together

    Sorry wasn't again till now... The party has a neutral good barbarian, a neutral cleric, a neutral good wizard, a neutral favored soul technically. The last two members are rogue/assassin type who is sliding fast towards the E realm and a witch who is trying to climb back up the good ladder. The...
  6. Laurel

    Evil & Good PCs working together

    Thanks for the input, I'm actually the one going evil so I will definitely keep 1-4 in mind as I go. Number 3 is one I have heard tends to become the issue for internal conflict, but number 4 is a good distinction.
  7. Laurel

    Evil & Good PCs working together

    This is kind of a first for us as we typically tend to be more heroic as well. This time the group shifted toward grey and we made a decision early on to be adventurers not heroes. Obviously things can change and we may become more heroic :)
  8. Laurel

    Evil & Good PCs working together

    In my current game we have a rich story line and a party that seems to mesh well. We have most of the group in kind of a grey mid point on the alignment spectrum and then one heading towards good and one towards evil. I have heard verbally from other gamers how it is impossible or 'just never...
  9. Laurel

    The Ideal game

    Would have to agree with Odhanan as well. Though I would add that group discussions over possible bad rules or not defined rules be short and end with all happy. I was filled with happiness when I realized my current group falls darn close to my ideal!
  10. Laurel

    Shuttle Launch in a Few Minutes

    Through the link below you can watch nasa's tv link and Discovery's docking with the intl space station from today. I know the actual launch is cooler to watch, but just in case anyone else might find it interesting I wanted to pass along.
  11. Laurel

    My Sister, the Beauty Queen

    Congrats to Callee!!! I knew she had been doing awesome in other pagents, but didn't know she was in for this one. Awesome news.
  12. Laurel

    Did You Marry a Gamer?

    Married a gamer though we didn't really play in a game together till after we were already engaged. He will always be more into Computer Games and I will always be more into Pen&Paper, but it gives us a balance of both.
  13. Laurel


    We are allowed to take them- only 2 taken max from UA and the bonus feat gets approval by DM/group. We also have a rule that you can't take a flaw and a feat of the same type. For instance we can't take the flaw for negative hp and then take the hardness feat or a Con bonus feat. It hasn't...
  14. Laurel

    Da Vinci Code on film

    I thought it was okay, but then again I thought the book was okay too. It has the plot and tries to give all the background the book does. It tries to keep the action high paced. It tries to appeal to all. I think it did what it set out to do, and with the hindrance of screen play to book...
  15. Laurel

    Musical instruments

    I would only play a bard if my group would also let me bring one such instrument and actually attempt to play during a session. And I would not except bleeding ears as a reason to stop playing :p
  16. Laurel

    Musical instruments

    Played the Clarinet, Piano, Flute, and Saxophone. Longest and most proficient with Clarinet and Piano, and just got my nice clarinet back in the hopes of starting up again. Living in an apartment leads to noise complaints even when playing the music correctly... some people just don't like the...
  17. Laurel

    Am I dead yet ?

    Normally when we get into this situation the DM and player chat away from the group. They agree on a course of action that seems to appeal to both the story line and character, and this normally gets a better reaction from group when the split happens in game and only the player and DM know the...
  18. Laurel

    Do your players know the rules?

    My current group falls into two basic of these groups- some who know almost no rules while others can be rule books on specific situations. Having the mix has been a good time with the varied levels of knowledge we tend to also look out for each other knowing what skills one might have and...
  19. Laurel


    One of my co-workers currently does this... though she has change value for the degree of the curse. She's actually gotten much better, and now just comes into our offices and writes on the white board "WTF" really huge and then says what she needs :lol: Her way of getting it out when needed...
  20. Laurel

    How many iPodders we got here?

    With video included, we have run out of space. But when going for long drives and just have music stored on it still extra space.... must find more music! :D