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  1. bulletmeat

    The Trouble with Halflings

    For SL we had the farming folk as a front for the league. They were Assassin's Creed 3-4 years before the game came out. Frodo Stabbins w/out a doubt.
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    The Trouble with Halflings

    Though I don't know about 3e burning in a fire, I do agree that weapon size was more of a problem than a solution. In 2e we did a 40% roll on found items if we had a halfling or gnome in the party; under meant it was for the small folk.
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    The Trouble with Halflings

    I don't remember if it was by the book or how we played them but I loved the halflings in the scarred lands. They were slaves that sought revenge against the giant masters that abused them, creating a league of assassin's that could hide and strike unseen. That and Dark Sun halflings were great...
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    RPG Print News – Troll Lord, Necrotic Gnome, and More

    It's been my go to system since 2006 & easiest way for me to get 3.0+ players into a more retro way to play. My biggest fight was often showing that varying xp charts per class is a feature, not a bug.
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    OSR Interested in dipping my toe into OSR but don’t know where to start. Any recommendations?

    I can understand that & I think that comes from the Ahirde setting where goblins & dwarves battled before the birth of most of the gods as well as Tolkien influence. My campaigns don't allow inter-species children so it doesn't really come up in that sense, and goblinoids (orcs, goblins...
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    OSR Interested in dipping my toe into OSR but don’t know where to start. Any recommendations?

    They are very good guys. I like watching their twitch because there is a fair amount of universal rpg advice. Not sure where you are getting the roll under idea though. You might be thinking about 1 or 2e. Normal Siege Engine (saves & skill checks) is Mod+Level vs 12+adversary HD (If your...
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    OSR Interested in dipping my toe into OSR but don’t know where to start. Any recommendations?

    Honestly it's been my favorite version of D&D since 2006. Even w/5+ years of playing/running 5e I steered back to it (& Basic Fantasy RPG) as my rpg backbone. It was easy to move from level+mod on rolls vs 12 or 18 base to 1/2 level+mod vs 15 base (w/advantage on class abilities) for a few...
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    OSR Interested in dipping my toe into OSR but don’t know where to start. Any recommendations?

    I'm sure I will get thrown under the bus for this but you could look at Castles & Crusades. PHB is a free PDF, rules are pretty straight forward (B/X style attributes, class level + mod for class related proficiencies, EASILY modded w/Basic to 2e adventures). Rule have been primarily the same...
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    D&D 5E Crazy over the top spelljammer

    Or mad-scientist lich. Undead ships.
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    Best universal rpg system?

    Probably my mistake.
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    RPG Print News – Troll Lord Games, Catalyst, and More

    I haven't played since 2e but heard one of the other issues w/the updates is everything is wireless and hacking is to easy/rampant. Is this a 6e thing?
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    Best universal rpg system?

    It's based off the old WEG Star Wars system, skill based D6 dice pool: OpenD6 They did fantasy, adventure, & sci-fi books. MythicD6 & Prowlers & Paragons are super hero versions but each use them in a different way (number of successes vs adding totals). I've also seen homebrewed versions of...
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    Worlds of Design: Peaceful Solutions to Violent Problems

    A while ago we were playing BECMI & we came across a maggot queen & her flies who thought we were very tasty looking. My halfling took out a guitar and started singing how beautiful she was while telling the rest of the party (under his breath) to run & get out of the area. Everyone loved it &...
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    Best universal rpg system?

    I'd like to throw OpenD6 onto this list.
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    Podcast #198: The Controversy of "Evil Races"

    All fiction is an analogue for the real world. That's how people relate to a story.
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    D&D General NuTSR's Rebound "Black Books" - What About the Back Cover?

    Either black sharpie or the sticker remnants of the half-price books price tag he bought all these old 1e copies from. $10 says all of them have names written in pencil that have been hurriedly erased.
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    D&D 5E WOTC book covers....

    I can understand your feelings on the covers (to me they look to much like cartoons) but Hasbro needs to exemplify the D&D brand. Just as GW is throwing the warhammer icon on anything in the WH wheel house, WotC has settled on the young adult look of the brand for the kids they want to sell 5e+...
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    Looking for C&C, AD&D, Basic Fantasy, OSE group in South Sound WA

    "Hello there." Older gamer from Puyallup looking to get into group located around South Puget Sound (Tacoma, Olympia, Auburn, etc.) Game preference AD&D, BECMI, Basic Fantasy, Castles & Crusades, Old-School Essentials, etc. Have XP with other systems as well. Play time on late Friday, Saturday...
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    Can you name a good fantasy TTRPG that's not D&D?

    I'll throw OpenQuest in this list also. It's boiled down mongoose runequest that can be added to from other BRP games easily. Though I am not a huge fan of the 3e changes (not too huge) you can find it free; OpenQuest SRD.