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  1. DumbPaladin

    Pathfinder player seeking group - Los Angeles area!

    Hey all, Hoping some PF group out there wants players and sees this post ... got all my own equipment, books, etc. Prior GM looking to get back into being a player. Thanks! -- Pally
  2. DumbPaladin

    New Marvel RPG?

    I got a chance to play this a couple of times at my FLGS, and for having no in-depth experience to anything beyond 3.5 and Pathfinder, I found it to be rather enjoyable. I'm not sure whether it was designed this way, or if the simplicity of the system keeps it this way, but it seems hard to...
  3. DumbPaladin

    Vow of Poverty for a mage

    Your topic says "for a mage". How is a spellbook not wealth, or magical? How would a wizard be able to be a wizard with no spellbook?
  4. DumbPaladin

    I guess I'm not getting PF Tome of Horrors

    I thought Paizo offered free shipping for orders above a certain $ amount? It's an inelegant solution, but it is a solution.
  5. DumbPaladin

    How do you make up Fantasy names?

    I second using foreign languages. Some work quite well for certain types of names. I also tend to utilize literature and/or build meaning into a name that other people won't get. -- I decided I wanted my paladin's initials to be P.A.L. -- for no reason than I thought it was cute. I also...
  6. DumbPaladin

    Pathfinder 1E Which Pathfinder Resources are "Must Haves?"

    Rules-book wise, APG and Ultimate Combat seem pretty good choices. Overall I like the archetypes in UC, and some of the stuff requiring so much fixing in Ultimate Magic makes it "not quite essential", in my book. In terms of campaign flavor, Inner Sea World Guide is a must have. It's very...
  7. DumbPaladin

    Oracle: More than one Mystery?

    But how in the world would you balance this so that this spellcaster didn't outpace other characters? What would you give up for having 2 mysteries, where other Oracles only have one?
  8. DumbPaladin

    Uh, no thanks, I'll play this instead.

    Honestly, Wycen, in my opinion it is a little overly difficult to compile a long list of games you refuse to ever play. "Would prefer not to play" or "will try to dissuade people from playing" would seem more cooperative. But put the shoe on the other foot: don't you think it's possible there...
  9. DumbPaladin

    Oracle--what am I missing?

    Alas, it's only full movement in up to medium armor, but if you take Skill at Arms (or a level in fighter/cavalier/paladin) and buy mithral full plate, and take the Dance of the Blades revelation ... you're running across the field in full plate armor at a speed of 40, man. :)
  10. DumbPaladin

    Uh, no thanks, I'll play this instead.

    I see what you're saying. I agree in large part. My problem comes when people begin to compile entire LISTS of games they 'refuse' to play, as the OP has used this thread to do. 1 or 2 games people dislike? Totally understandable. 8 or 10 games? That's being overly difficult. Quite a few of...
  11. DumbPaladin

    Stats for new races / new stats for old

    You posted asking for opinions ... you've gotten a few.
  12. DumbPaladin

    Uh, no thanks, I'll play this instead.

    I haven't yet found a game I will refuse to play. A couple come close, but I merely will do my best to dissuade the party from playing due to the poor design of the game and/or the fact that its rules allow for tediousness. Risk and Monopoly fit in this category for the same reason: there's...
  13. DumbPaladin

    Oracle--what am I missing?

    Yeah, that's what I felt as well. Battle's got a couple of nice abilities, like the initiative / no longer surprised at 7th level revelation, and adding Quicken Spell to healing once a day, but Oracle of metal gets lead blades, keen edge, and versatile weapon at 1st, 3rd, and 4th -- all very...
  14. DumbPaladin

    Stats for new races / new stats for old

    More than a little, I think. I don't believe so: the Orc choices are pretty much a powergamer/munchkin's dream. Both boost Strength by +4, allowing a possibility of a starting STR of 22 at level 1, which is already better than anything any other PC race can do. But suggesting that a -2 to...
  15. DumbPaladin

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Stealth Skill Playtest

    Why would you need to make a roll each round to maintain your stealthy use of Stealth? "When your character is not in immediate danger or distracted, you may choose to take 10. Instead of rolling 1d20 for the skill check, calculate your result as if you had rolled a 10. For many routine...
  16. DumbPaladin

    No prestige classes? I'm digging it.

    I agree with most of your post, and especially your point about the near-death of prestige classes being a very good thing. But I must disagree that every class in Pathfinder gets a capstone ability at 20th level. I wish this were so, because it would be fair, but the main arcane and main...
  17. DumbPaladin

    Oracle--what am I missing?

    The only major one they miss is scintillating pattern, right? If it's really that important for the Oracle of the heavens to have, it can be acquired via the Arcane sorcerer bloodline level by going 2 feats into the Eldritch Heritage tree, and eventually adding it at 19th level. You'll also...
  18. DumbPaladin

    Oracle--what am I missing?

    I'd agree with this, because divine spells are always going to lag behind arcane spells in blasting ... but depending on the Oracle mystery you pick, you can be something else entirely. I'm playing an Oracle of metal, and I just got to 2nd level, gaining my first mystery spell: lead blades...
  19. DumbPaladin

    Pathfinder 1E Paizo Announces More Details about Minis Line

    I can't XP you, dude, but I would have. Someone else made this same point earlier & I need to XP them. I'll say it more bluntly: there are lots of people who dislike Wizards of the Coast for numerous different reasons. It's not gonna change, so get over it. But it's not surprising one of the...