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    Pathfinder 1E 'Curing' a cursed item?

    PF features a list of artifacts and how they could be destroyed. I'm sure you can extrapolate a list of ways to destroy or cure cursed magic items, appropriately scaled to the power of the cursed item.
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    Welcome to the Red Planet; Welcome to the next step on humanity's road to the stars.

    we're not there yet. I'll celebrate the minute we have boots on the ground.
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    What is an elegant system?

    One of my definitions of elegance in design is that it expresses much in few words. One subsystem that illustrates this well is the HERO system disadvantage system. You take one axis that defines how often the disadvantage comes into play, you take one axis that defines how severely the...
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    Players: Do you wear/carry "props" to the game?

    I made a tshirt for a Champions character I play at a monthly game, otherwise, no. It looks like this
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    D&D 4E Is PF combat any faster than 4e?

    In general, I'm going to guess that on the average PF is going to have quicker fights. 4e doesn't feature SoL powers, PF does. I've seen plenty of one character, one turn kills in PF, outside of minions, I haven't seen that in 4e since 1st level (without an action point+multiple dailies).
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    why would a SuperHero campaign need a sandbox?

    Fundamentally, I don't think open ended sandboxes are ideal for superhero games. One of the basic problems with the sandbox is that the scope of superheroes, at least the higher end ones, is so vast that it runs the GM out of man hours to keep up with them. However, there's nothing wrong with...
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    Looking for a great sci-fi RPG

    I'm a big fan of Star Hero, but only if you already know the Hero System backwards and forwards. Too much of a learning curve otherwise. Trust me on that.
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    Rethinking Psionics

    I don't like adding psionics to an established game system/world where it doesn't already exist. In short - you're adding a disease to an environment where nothing has evolved a defense for it. It's everything's blind spot and in order to balance it, you need to rewrite EVERYTHING. Not worth...
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    Which game you played last?

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    Making guns palatable in high fantasy [Design Theory]

    crossbows don't even enter into it. Remember, this thread is about fantasy RPG design and firearms, so real-life arguments hold little water. Even so, big crossbows were typically built to be cocked using a combination of body weight and leg strength. My question is: Why would you create that...
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    Making guns palatable in high fantasy [Design Theory]

    My counterpoint to that is, if guns are so expensive to create, so dangerous to operate and no more lethal than anything else you already have, then why make them?
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    Making guns palatable in high fantasy [Design Theory]

    IRL, sure. In D&D, not so much. Not once you're 10th level, anyway. Once 3.0 happened, and there weren't any vorpal swords, I've never seen a high level character killed in one blow by anything that wasn't a giant wielding a ginormous greataxe or something like that. Once you hit high levels...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 3e was a failure

    It is a bad idea to compare one edition of D&D against any other directly without taking context into consideration. Gygax didn't have to compete for people's bandwidth with the internet, cable TV, fantasy football, World of Warcraft. facebook, twitter, iPhones or youTube. Gygax won the game...
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    OotS 823

    Gate? What gate?
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    Making guns palatable in high fantasy [Design Theory]

    Absolutely, it's the core design feature of escalating HP that makes guns mechanically incompatible with D&D. In the modern world, we all have this knowledge that every human being, no matter what class or level, is one (un)lucky bullet away from being a collection of donor organs. This does...
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    1001 minor traits for magic swords

    291: Glory Hound - This blade gains a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls as long as this blade is the only source of damage to a target. As soon as this is no longer the case, this blade inflicts a -1 penalty to attack and damage rolls vs that target. This blade cannot be used to inflict sneak...
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    D&D 4E 200 Words or Less: Pitch WotC a New 4e Setting

    You know the world that Magic: the Gathering is set in? That. Unless you're saving it to use with 5e, in which case, I'll wait. You have a ton of background info to draw on. A ton of awesome art to use. A massive market of people who already know the world already. And you already own the...
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    What will influence 5E during its development?

    Not in a meaningful way, though. I don't have to hope I draw the right balance of mana in order to use my magic items or spells. I can open with my most powerful spell if I want to. Not so much with M:tG. One of the criticisms I often hear about D&D is the one-shot KO problem of save-or-lose...
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    What will influence 5E during its development?

    If they're smart, they'll look across the hall and take a few pages out of M:tG's playbook.
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    Ways Tabletop RPGs can Differntiate from MMOs

    this is not exclusive to TTRPGs.