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    D&D General Stranger Things Image of a D&D Game

    We used minis from the early 80s, but mostly to establish marching order or for flavour, not placed in combat positions on a battlemap. However, I came home from GenCon 19 in 1986 with a big clear sheet of plastic marked with 1" squares on one side and hexes on the other, that could be used...
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    D&D General What did you think of the Stranger Things D&D game?

    In my 1986 experience in small-town Canada, which had more limited retail than the US, gaming supplies were available in some comic shops and hobby shops (selling sports cards and such) and sometimes even book stores (which sold game books) in large towns and small cities, and if you were in a...
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    D&D General What did you think of the Stranger Things D&D game?

    Ah, I didn't catch that when I was there but it makes sense, so I can see people having started it by then. All the more reason they could have achieved their 3-dice-rolling shots on ST with an actual functional dice roll, i.e. a d20 to-hit and 2d4 or 2d6 for damage all rolled together.
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    D&D General What did you think of the Stranger Things D&D game?

    I assume the "level 1 dwarf" meant a level 1 character (any class) who was also a dwarf (referring to her small physical size). Although he could also be implying she was only playing Basic, in which dwarf was actually a class. (He is using the AD&D DM's screen, thus they group is playing AD&D)...
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    D&D General What did you think of the Stranger Things D&D game?

    1) Vecna was not a TSR-produced figure, so the DM had to come up with his own figure (to go with the stats he created), presumably by using an existing figure already missing its left arm. But technically, Vecna didn't lose his hand & eye - rather, they were all that were left after the rest of...
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    D&D General What did you think of the Stranger Things D&D game?

    Access to proper dice was an issue in the 70s and for some, in the early 80s. But by '86, polyhedral dice were pretty easy to get for D&D; even small town game or hobby stores carried dice set tubes plus premium "crystal" clear dice. I was almost exactly the age the ST kids are at those years in...
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    Rules FAQ How Does Stealth Work in D&D 5E?

    Something perhaps to address in the main rules summary is who wins a tie in stealth roll vs. passive perception or active Wisdom checks. The general rule is that a tie means the pre-existing condition continues, so if you are already hidden, someone must beat your stealth roll in their active...
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    D&D 5E Young dragons, lair actions and CR

    The introduction says that legendary creatures might have lair actions (and in fact, most of them do), but it does not say only legendary creatures can have lair actions. I agree that while it is typical that lair actions go with legendary creatures, it is not required in the MM. And the way...
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    D&D 5E Young dragons, lair actions and CR

    Given that we now play in a 5e environment that does in fact include those later official books, why would we be constrained to an earlier interpretation of the MM that ignores what has come out later? When the authors of the original books put out more material that demonstrates their thinking...
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    D&D 5E Young dragons, lair actions and CR

    That's not what the Monster Manual says. It says regional effects go with legendary dragons, but it does not mention legendary when describing lairs or lair actions, it only says "A [colour] Dragon's Lair" and "the dragon takes a lair action". See MM pages 89, 92, 95-6, 99, 102-3, 106, 109, 112...
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    D&D 5E Young dragons, lair actions and CR

    There is a young dragon with lair actions in Candlekeep Mysteries (not a spoiler, as I'm not saying what kind of dragon or which of the 17 adventures it's in) and it's mentioned that the room it's in counts as its lair so it gets its lair actoins. It doesn't seem to imply that it's special or...
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    Exploring Candlekeep Mysteries: An In-depth Review

    The specific events of "Descent into Avernus" should happen in 1494, being 50 years after the events of 1444. The Baldur's Gate gazetteer chapter is where 1492 is mentioned. As I read the supplement, the gazetteer seems like a separate product, provided for those who want to run their own...
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    5e damaging magic items.

    As 77IM described very well, the DMG has rules for providing stats for objects, and magic items are a class of object. The only thing different about them is that they are noted to be more resilient than a regular object of that type, giving them resistance to damage (all kinds, by default). So...
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    D&D 5E D&D Up 35% In 2020 While Virtual Play Rises 86%

    Well, at least it would let them stop paying royalties to Arneson, amirite?
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    D&D 5E Source of maps in back of 5e DMG?

    The map on the top of page 314 is used for The Dripping Caves (goblin lair) in Storm King's Thunder. The map on page 311 is a re-do of the map from the sample adventure that appeared in the original AD&D DMG from 1979, so it was created by Gary Gygax (and has been re-drawn here). That book also...
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    The Horror! of Living Skeletons

    I started playing in B/X and in those rules, skeletons did not have any special damage resistance to blades. I don't find that in the OD&D box set, either. The only special skeletons are the 2 HD version in a room in Arneson's Blackmoor, and in Gygax's Greyhawk, some that are "able to hurl their...
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    The Horror! of Labyrinths

    If that were the case for the labyrinth of Daedalus & the Minotaur, then there would have been no need for Ariadne to provide Theseus with the "secret weapon" of a ball of string to find his way out (after beating the big bad) - he would just have to turn around and walk back out. The need for...
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    D30 Overland Travel Mishaps

    Too bad "number appearing" isn't a thing anymore in the era of CR and balanced encounters. That is just evil enough that I might try it sometime. That's the one thing I used it for back when I was playing in the 80s.
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    D30 Overland Travel Mishaps

    Am I the only one here who actually has a d30? Got it at GenCon in the mid-80s. Only found a game use for it once.