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    D&D General "I have played in or run a D&D campaign set in Greyhawk." (a poll)

    I'm currently running two separate Greyhawk games, with very small parties, one based in Sterich, the other based in Furyondy. Both are using the Greyhawk Boxed Set, and Greyhawk: From the Ashes as the starting point. War has just ended. Sterich is free of enemies but fighting continues near...
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    D&D General Digital Only Edition

    A screen offers unlimited other distractions - tweets, TikTok, FB, and so on. It’s easy to switch from the digital character sheet to something completely unrelated. Ime, flipping through a PHB is usually only done to reference a rule, or look up a spell, then it gets put down and back to the...
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    5.5E D&D 5.5e, will you get it?

    Nope. Won't be buying 5.5. I'm done with 5e, and with the changes that I've seen through Tasha's, etc., its not a direction that will draw me back in. I'll continue to mine old editions, and look at other RPG's as necessary.
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    D&D General Digital Only Edition

    Nope. I prefer dead trees for my RPG's, particularly if I'm playing in person. Nothing would be worse than sitting around the table with everyone with devices. I also don't use subscription services for my gaming, either.
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    D&D 1E Common House Rules for AD&D?

    Helmets were always a strange thing in our games. In Ad&d it said that every suit of armor included a helmet. Wearing a helmet impacted your ability to hear noise, and whether you were surprised, if I'm remembering correctly. I don't think we ever actually played that way though... We did...
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    Worlds of Design: RPG Gods - Benign or Malign?

    This is why I don't have my deities be very "hands on". The clerics and heirarchy of the world should know the teachings of that particular religion or deity, and so they can go about their business following the dictates of their particular deity/religion and do what they need to do. The gods...
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    Worlds of Design: RPG Gods - Benign or Malign?

    I'm not @Lanefan, but in my game, the cleric wouldn't know. IF the spell worked, and they got some type of response, it could be a messenger of said deity, it could be a pre-recorded message, or it could be some other entity hacking the line, so to speak. Some of that would depend on where it...
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    5.5E What would your ideal rest mechanic look like?

    I had been brainstorming a rest and spell point recovery mechanic that was based strictly on time for natural healing and spell recovery. I haven't nailed down the basics, but essentially after you take damage, you recover 1 hp over some time interval. Maybe, say, 4 hours. So if you have 8...
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    D&D 5E Common house rules for 5e.

    Slow healing, based on older DnD, the gritty healing in the DMG is half baked. Though you could still spend HD. Medicine skill sped up natural healing. Fatigue when you get healed from 0 hp during combat. Again, modified negatives rather than the 5e Fatigue, which is also half baked...
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    D&D General "I have Played in or Run a Campaign Set in the Forgotten Realms" (a poll)

    I did a 5e campaign in the realms set in the Moonshaes around 940 DR, so during the second Trollwar, before Waterdeep was established. I liked playing 500 years before current events, as it opened up everything. I was free to play with gods, cities, technology levels, nature of threats. I had...
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    Worlds of Design: RPG Gods - Benign or Malign?

    My biggest stumbling blocks around religion in my RPG's are: 1) limiting them (so there aren't 80+ gods I have to keep track of, potentially) 2) deciding between the intervening type gods, and the "distant" gods who don't meddle 3) how to "justify" cleric spell acquisition in the face of...
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    Payn;s Ponderings@ Battletech General Discussions

    Love Battletech, and still play it when I can in our game circle. There is a ton of lore and timeline advancement, most of which I completely ignore. As a grognard who bought and still has the original FASA Battletech and Citytech boxes, along with the cardboard cutouts, I stick to...
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    Dragon Reflections #59

    I don't have to outrun the monster, just outrun you... <trip> I still have a xerox copy I made of those poisons and still use it. All of the old Dragons are such a wealth of ideas and content.
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    OSR If you were going to commit to one clone of older edition D&D going forward, what would it be?

    :D Yup. That's the major element. I also really like the magic system. And while I like the way the characters can be interesting combinations of fighter/mage/thief, I think I prefer OSE and OSE Advanced for classes.
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    D&D General What's wrong with Perception?

    I agree. But here also highlights an overall problem with the way the game (and I guess every game, if you really tear into it), is that whether its through 'heavy investment', Feats, Magic, natural species or class abilities, you can trivialize large portions of the game: healing, darkness...
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    D&D General What's wrong with Perception?

    IMO, its mostly terrible adventure design... Why are the DC's for doors so high? Assuming that a character has +2 Prof, and +2 or 3 for their Wis, they have to roll a 15 or so to see the door? Is it intentionally so well hidden as to need that level of Perception? If not, bad design. If so...
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    D&D General What's wrong with Perception?

    I wasn't trying to be hyberbolic, and like I said, this IS my experience at my table. What is the upside? How do you play the game then? If traps, secret doors, ambushes and surprise are so horrible that they should ALWAYS be avoided, then why have them? What is the fun in their inclusion...
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    D&D General What's wrong with Perception?

    I'm not saying that you're saying this, but if this is the case, why include ambushes? Why include traps? Why include secret doors? Why include clues at all? Why include surprise? I find that players in 5e, IME at my table, want all of the above to go away. They want complete control of...
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    OSR If you were going to commit to one clone of older edition D&D going forward, what would it be?

    Old School Essentials, hands down. With a close second to Beyond the Wall, some elements of which I may combine with OSE.