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  1. The Ubbergeek

    Anything new on gods?

    Well, that is my own questioning there... As a player of clerics and a man who like religions, myths, mysticism etc in a scholarly manner. Do anyone learned fluff or crunch bit on gods and myths in PoL (and FR) recently? Anything new, confirmed?
  2. The Ubbergeek

    Is Nyambe good?

    So, here it is... I heard about this unusual D20 product, and I figured I could use it at least in parts for an Africa-like continent of a future campaign.... How it is? Is it easily convertible to current 3,5 rules, or at least rips ideas for D&D (I could keep fluff for 4ed also maybe)? Any...
  3. The Ubbergeek

    Any words on a french edidtion?

    Because I am a francophone myself, and I'd buy a not too costly and nice translation if possible. So, any words of if and when? (It's kind of weird the brazilians and italians may have their own translations first...)