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    What Happened to

    Went to the website today, and all I got was a page not found error. Also, the url is different; belongs to Comics Buyer Guide. Does anyone know?
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    It's Official. I'm a Guildie

    Darn me for not finding this gem on the internet sooner. 'The Guild' - MSN Video Guess I'll have fight that stunted gnome warlock Zaboo for the love of fair Codex. As for Tinkerballa, I'd tap her but don't want nothing else.
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    Recommend Any Good CRPG with Mounts?

    Do you guys know of or have been playing an offline fantasy computer RPG that actually provide the PC/avatar with alternative mode of travel, like say a riding a horse or somesuch? I've heard of a few that came out just this year, but I want to know if they're worth buying and playing.
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    Invalid Link from the drop-down menu

    When I use the Forum Jump drop-down menu to go to Off-Topic Forum (NOT Off-Topic forums currently named Squamous), I got an Invalid Link error page. You might want to fix that.
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    Babes of GenCon 2008

    So, were there any? Please post pics.
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    Videos from Gen Con 2008?

    Know where I can view them?
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    Which Games Work on 64-bit Vista OS?

    Please stay on-topic... I'm planning to get a new desktop PC by the end of the year, though hopefully soon. I notice that most chain stores are rolling out new PCs with 64-bit Vista PC and bigger memory (we know that 32-bit Vista OS can't work with memory beyond 3 MB). I need to know what...
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    Good offline CRPG for XP/Vista

    Any recommendation. Been looking at Fate lately ... for my first new laptop.
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    Would you Swap 3.5e for Exalted?

    From White Wolf Plans Diversion Program So, I want to ask fans of D&D -- any editions or incarnations -- would you take White Wolf's offer?
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    Will Arnett to voice the new KITT

    Source: It's not going to sound right. If they won't use William Daniels (KITT original voice), they could at least use Peter Cullen (KARR original voice, but known for the voice of Transformers Optimus Prime).
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    Hey, WotC: Give Dwarves their Darkvision Back

    So far, I have never criticize much about the upcoming 4e. Until now. Though I have rarely played a dwarf PC during my long experience with D&D, I have always been comfortable with their usual traits. While I praise the elimination of the racial penalty of their Charisma score, I must protest...
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    League of Extroardinary Gentlemen - The Fairy Tale Edition

    Trust me. I wish I'm drunk. :D The whole LXG discussion somehow prompted such a wacky thought in my head. How about an LXG based on fairy tale figures? You have the three Prince Charmings (from Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty), the Hunter (from Little Red Riding Hood), Pinocchio...
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    How do you improve the OGL?

    I know we can only speculate what the new version of the OGL will be. I don't know if even WotC have any idea what the new version will include. I guess the best way to start this discussion is to ask: After 7 years, what is missing from OGL v1.0a?
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    Bill Shatner on "Fast Cars and Superstars"

    Or what I would call it, "Star Fleet Academy What Could Have Been." :p We've had dancing celebs, skating celebs, and The Celebrity Mole. Now it's racing celebs. A geriatric Kirk -- or Denny "I have Mad Cow" Crane -- behind the wheel of a NASCAR. This spells trouble.
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    Bandwidth vs. Broadband?

    I'm curious about the markup of this EN World community and how they access the web site and forum.
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    [Star Wars] SECR Preview #5 is up

    Source: More combat, including the change in Aid Another, Aiming, Natural 20 being automatic critical hit, All-New Autofire, Stun and Ion Damage, and more. Next Preview -- droids, droids, droids.
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    Software's System Requirements

    I must confessed I haven't bought any new software since Races of Faerun was still in-print, but when dual-core PC's have been popping up, many of the software's system requirement (minimum and/or recommended) don't often state the dual-core processor. Should they be listed along with...
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    Out-of-Place Ad Banners.

    For a long while I have been noticing you're posting two ad banners instead of one. Normally I don't look at the bottom ad, but this one caught my eyes. I don't know what to make of it. It's from I know there are gamer grrls out there among the gamer geeks, but it is so...
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    The Case of the Shrinking Cadbury Eggs

    Source:'s_Creme_Egg#.22They.27re_Not_Getting_Smaller.2C_You.27ve_Just_Grown_Up.21.22_Controversy As I'm suffering (still) from insomnia, I was watching Late Night with Conan O'Brien and on the show BJ Novak from The Office shared a mystery that needs to be...
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    GREYHAWK, a Classic 2nd Edition Setting ... WHAT?!?!!!

    Source: I don't know why, but it forced me to read it several times.