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  1. arscott

    Planescape: Help me brainstorm factions [update: includes new factions]

    [Update: Based on help from here and elsewhere, I've come up with factions for my game, which are detailed in another post below] Well, I'll probably be using 13th age for the system, actually. But I'm in love with the 4e cosmology, and it's take on gods, elemental lords, and other powers. I...
  2. arscott

    Modern (ish) miniatures

    Well, 1920s, technically. But most of them look pretty suitable for a modern day game. Fantasy Flight games is releasing painted minis corresponding to the characters in the Arkham Horror game--48 in all. At $4 a pop, they're a little pricey, and it looks as though they might be only...
  3. arscott

    Dark Matter in New Orleans

    It's spring break for the local college that half of my gaming group attends, which means I'm short a few players for my Dark•Matter game. Since one of the missing players is integral to the upcoming arc, I decided to pause the game and do something a little bit different with the remaining...
  4. arscott

    Castle Ravenloft Boardgame a Dungeon Crawl?

    Is anyone else really disappointed that the Castle Ravenloft game will apparently be a Heroquest/Descent knockoff? When this was announced, I was really excited, because I expected something a bit more like Arkham Horror, or even Shadows Over Camelot. Isn't Ravenloft, after all, more of a...
  5. arscott

    Tell me more about GUMSHOE

    So, I'm considering reviving the Dark•Matter game that I ran a few years ago. (for those that don't know, Dark•Matter is an occult/sci-fi/conspiracy RPG). While I used d20Modern rules for the old campaign, I want to use a ruleset with less combat emphasis this time around. The GUMSHOE system...
  6. arscott

    Game Transparency

    Here The part that catches my attention right away is the cover art. That's a pretty kick-ass piece of artwork--Manages to humorously illustrate a metagame topic while still looking like fantasy art. The article itself is alright. Describes different approaches to transparency without really...
  7. arscott

    E1 Art Gallery: Woah!

    Now I really really want to play the adventure. This Art is incredible.
  8. arscott

    How to implement Advanced Classes in a 4e framework

    So, I've been juggling around some ideas for a 4e version of d20 Modern recently. Given the importance of multiclassing in d20 Modern, a 4e version needs a way to capture that multiclass feel in a system where 3e-style multiclassing no longer works. my solution: a Heroic Calling. The heroic...
  9. arscott

    Problem Players and Problem DMs

    Forked from: Fighters didn't matter after 11th level? Submitted for your consideration: Any "Player Problem" or "DM Problem" involving a player or DM that I want to play with is a problem with the system.
  10. arscott

    DungeonaDay and

    Just checked out the free preview of Monte Cook's new, and there's some pretty cool stuff there. But... Rather than including the monster's stats on his webpages, he provides links to the appropriate monster entry from Being that DaD is a pay site while d20srd is...
  11. arscott

    Help Me Pimp Rivenroar

    So I decided to run Rescue at Rivenroar (the first adventure in the 4e adventure path) purely on the strength of the first two combats. And in my first session today (with players that are mostly new to 4e and/or D&D), those two combats went great. But according to comments in some of the...
  12. arscott

    Shemeska, what do you think of the 4e MotP?

    Forked from: Sigil Ciy of Doors (Topology of a Torus) - MATHS The above quote is in reference to your namesake switching from an Arcanoloth to a Raavasta, but I'm interested in your overall thoughts, too.
  13. arscott

    Board Games for the Blind

    So, my family really loved the last game I introduced them too (Fluxx), but it's not that great for the extended family--I have an uncle who's blind. Are there any good Board games or Card Games that can be easily played when one of the players can't see? Braile Uno, while cooler than regular...
  14. arscott

    Superhero Goodness

    Inspired by this cool re-imagining of the X-Men in a Victorian Occult theme, I've been thinking about how the X-Men might look if they'd evolved as independent superheroes, along the lines of the Justice League. Here are my takes: Professor X + Superman = Professor Superior On the planet...
  15. arscott

    D&D 4E Classless 4e and adaptation for the Superhero Genre

    Inspired by posts on this forum about classless 4e, I've been working on a 4e-based superhero game. It's not quite classless, but it retains the idea of everyone picking their powers from one big list without sacrificing 4e's tactical depth. Here's what I've got so far--I appreciate your...
  16. arscott

    New Superhero RPG

    Since superheros seem pretty popular in this forum right now, I want to share the 4e-based superhero game that I've been working on. Here's what I've got so far--Comments are appreciated: Great Responsibility: Introduction Creating Spider Man, Part I: Origins Creating Spider Man, Part II...
  17. arscott

    Preview of my Naval WWI/Steampunk game

    I've been busy procrastinating from packing for tomorrow's move (and for that matter, procrastinating from other game design work) So I came up with the first several cards for one of my side-projects, a WWI/Steampumk Naval Game. The basic idea of the game is that you control a nation's navy...
  18. arscott

    Tiefling w/ non-tiefling siblings.

    Human +Tiefling = Tiefling Human + Human = Human Human + Elf = Half Elf So it's entirely possible for tieflings to have human or half-elf siblings (well, half-siblings, but who's counting). Anyone doing anything interesting along these lines?
  19. arscott

    New Warlock PP--Pathmaster

    Pact master "He who bargains with only one spirit is a fool. Far greater power comes when they compete for your attention." Prerequisite: Warlock Class You've learned to forge pacts with many diverse entities and forces. Your foes must now contend with the full breadth of Warlock Magics...
  20. arscott

    New Wiki Page: The Blogshelf

    Here While there's a list of blogs built into the ENWorld Blog system, it's nothing more than a list of names. So the blogshelf is a place for a more informative directory--where ENWorld Bloggers can post a description of their blogs, and where readers can browse for something that sparks...