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  1. Myzzrym

    D&D 5E Battle Domain, Shock Arcanist, Darkweaver & Mountaineer Archetypes feedback wanted

    Hey there folks! I've just added 4 Archetypes from Solasta: Crown of the Magister on D&D Beyond Homebrew: Homebrew Subclasses for Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Fifth Edition (5e) - D&D Beyond Would love to get some feedback from you veterans (and not so veterans) out there, see what you think about...
  2. Myzzrym

    D&D 5E Low Level Grapple-Shove Builds

    Hey there folks! I'm about to play in a new campaign and wanted to explore some Grapple-Shove Builds, and had a few ideas. Looking for inputs! Now since it's the beginning of the campaign, I'm not planning for high level builds (like level 10+), so I may not be making the best "long-term"...
  3. Myzzrym

    D&D 5E Solasta 5e Character Sheets (Tabletop) for Gen Con

    Hey there guys. Since Solasta is based on D&D 5e (OGL), me and the rest of the Tactical Adventures crew have been working hard on making our own Character Sheets for Gen Con, so I thought about sharing them here. We merged elements of our UI into the visual design, moved a few things around and...
  4. Myzzrym

    D&D 5E Crafting Items - Expert Craftsman vs Adventurers

    Hey there folks, I have a little issue with how the Skill System works in 5e in regards to Master Craftsman. See, in 3.5 you could pump up a godly amount of skill points into a particular skill, which made sense when you were creating Bob, the capital's most famous smith. However in 5e, all...