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  1. Dog Moon

    Murder or Adventuring?

    So in my campaign there are two towns that have a rivalry going for many generations, as long as anyone can remember. Each town is controlled by a ruling family. The campaign begins with a fight where the PCs are instrumental in resolving the conflict. Then, due to circumstances in the...
  2. Dog Moon

    Pathfinder 1E How much info would you want in a planehopping Adventure Path?

    So I'm writing an Adventure Path that involves jumping around from Plane to Plane for various reasons. I don't know if it'll ever get published. Would be cool, but if nothing else I am enjoying writing it, but these questions ARE being asked for the intention of publishing it and to see what...
  3. Dog Moon

    Favorite Name For People With Super Powers?

    So recently I've been watching TV and have heard the following names for those with super powers: Inhumans Evos Mutants Tomorrow People Alphas I'm sure there are lots more from lots of different sources, but this is just what I've seen recently. Personally, I'm fond of Mutants, but that's...
  4. Dog Moon

    Pathfinder 1E Sorted Monsters?

    Just a quick question: I've seen places where the monsters in the bestiaries can be sorted either by type or by CR, but is there any place that can sort by type AND CR? The number of times I need specific types are specific CRs is staggeringly high, but I can't find anything that does this and...
  5. Dog Moon

    Where to Buy Custom Cover Image for Novel?

    I have a question. I have a novel that is currently in the process of being published and I'm only missing one thing: an image for my cover. Unfortunetely, I'm sort of broke and I don't have much money. The company I'm going through can give me a cover, which they said they would, but if I...
  6. Dog Moon

    Pathfinder 1E Razor Coast Sadness

    So I'm starting The Razor Coast campaign after all these years of waiting for it. Looking through the book, read lots of information. Decided I'm going to have a bunch of the Dragoons start some trouble for the PCs. According to the section the full Statblock is in the Appendix. I'm like...
  7. Dog Moon

    OotS 885

    Yay, he's back!
  8. Dog Moon

    New Season of Dexter [Possible Spoilers]

    Anybody else watching this? I liked the first episode well enough. Although I think for like half the episode I was dreading how long they were going to stretch everything out. I was hoping Debra wouldn't spend the entire freaking season trying to figure out what was wrong with Dexter and I...
  9. Dog Moon

    If the HIVE had a Heroes Power, what would it be?

    So... what WOULD it be?
  10. Dog Moon

    Who's the Demon Lord of Disease?

    Or pestilence or something similar? Trying to remember, but I'm unable to find it and I seem to have misplaced my Book of Vile Darkness so I can't look there... Help would be much appreciated. :)
  11. Dog Moon

    Who's Ashardalon?

    From the Bazaar of the Bizaar, the Treasures of Ashardalon. Who is this?
  12. Dog Moon

    Subscribing to Social Groups?

    There's a way to subscribe to Threads and I just found out there's a way to Subscribe to the Blogs so you're notified if there's a new post, but is there a way to subscribe to a Social Group so you can tell when someone's posted there?
  13. Dog Moon

    Tell Me About Your Bases of Operations

    Just thought it would be neat to share [and perhaps yoink ;)] bases of operations you've seen in your games. In my group, we've had some interesting bases. I TRY to, but sometimes it doesn't quite work out that well. One DM in my group enjoys making unique bases. One of them was an...
  14. Dog Moon

    Tactician PrC

    The name is actually Knight of Zevstoven, but I left out most of the flavor, though since the PrC constantly refers to Knight, I figured I'll say why. Just trying to get some help seeing if this looks okay/balanced. Please let me know. Prerequisites: BA +5 Skills: Knowledge Geography +8...
  15. Dog Moon

    How to Prevent Chaos from Destroying Ptolus?

    Well, as some of you might know, Ptolus came with an adventure called Night of Dissolution. I ran my group through the adventure and they did pretty well for the most part [except that now the Goat Demon, as it is called - Rhodintar in actuality - is now their most hated foes] until the last...
  16. Dog Moon

    Need weird, creepy animal ideas

    Okay, so in my campaign, chaos has been set loose into the city. Sort of like raw, chaos energy. Well, the chaos is changing the citizens of the world, but it is especially changing the animals within the city. So what I'm looking for is mainly descriptions of the weirdest, creepiest animals...
  17. Dog Moon

    Looking for Interesting Shapechangers

    So I plan on running an assault against the PC's home and I am looking to use a creature subtype we have not frequently used: the Shapechanger. However, beyond the Doppleganger, I do not know of any other interesting ones. I could use some suggestions. Thanks in advance! Edit: Group is level 7.
  18. Dog Moon

    D&D 4E Dungeon Delve format in 4e?

    So, think this will continue? I hope this is one of the things that they change in the new edition. Was looking at Undermountain and Castle Greyhawk and was thinking that they would both be sooooo cool. Until I looked at them. They barely cover anything in those dungeons and most of the...
  19. Dog Moon

    Appearance of Castle Whiterock maps?

    Okay, I think a few people at least have this. I was thinking about getting it, but I didn't really like the appearance of the maps in the previous modules [the blue and white maps, IIRC - been a while since I've looked at their adventures] so I was wondering if the maps of this dungeon are...
  20. Dog Moon

    Printer isn't working...

    My printer has words on the top to the side like Ready/Data, Toner Low, Replace Drum, Load/Remove Paper, Paper Jam, and Error. Next to these is little things a light shines if that's what the problem is. When I turn my printer on, all of these light up, despite the fact that I know there's...