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    D&D 5E Line or Cone, why aren't there any breath weapons with a Burst Area of Effect?

    The old editions had dragons with spells like fireball to make up for this. It certainly can be a homebrew thing, almost like a manticore tail spikes where it spits globs of fire or acid dealing some damage. Might be cool for a smaller dragon and then have it grow into a bigger fireball.
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    D&D General "I have played in or run a D&D campaign set in Greyhawk." (a poll)

    Over the years we played Elemental Evil or Assassin's Knot and a few others, but nothing tied it to Greyhawk or made it feel more than some homebrew. Indeed a couple may have been brought to FR or some homebrew, so I answered no.
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    D&D General what are the setting functions of elves?

    It is hard to change the 'core' races. It is like the topics on what classes do we need and it coming down to warrior, expert, and caster. With the new rules on race it has become less a thing to pick a race to be faster, smarter, more dexterous, etc... So all the races have lost some...
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    Kickstarter DEMON DOG - the role playing game is live on Kickstarter!

    I like the vibe of the video, but the Marines may be upset for stealing their slogan.
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    D&D General Digital Only Edition

    I do not have the patience to teach my father to use an iPad, he still bounces dice out of the tray we bought him. I would likely wait until a 3pp came out with the rules on paper.
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    D&D General Poll: I’ve played or run a campaign in the following settings?

    Ever. Sure I played Sark Sun and Planescape once and Dragonlance a couple of times, but generally played 1e/3e homebrew, 2e/5e FR and 4e Netir Vale.
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    D&D General "I have Played in or Run a Campaign Set in the Forgotten Realms" (a poll)

    I had a big campaign in 2e days there and have come back to in exclusively in 5e. For 3e/4e we kept a lot of things like gods and some spells from FR and use Phandalin for more backdrop now. It seems more generic now with no cannon and timeline.
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    D&D General Another D&D cartoon reference, do they mean anything?

    They look like cut-out paper dolls or stickers that would come in the Advent box this Christmas. It would be cool if they are from a follow-on adventure to the new box set.
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    5.5E Animal companion as a feat?

    If you open it to everyone, why not just make it a background feature? You could have a second feat where you can make it a monstrosity and more HP.
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    When thinning down the collection, what to keep and why?

    I moved last year and cut my collection down quite a bit and trying to abide by the adage of throw something out when you buy something. I did get rid of all my non-D&D things since we never play them and they have been sitting around for 10+ years. All rulebook that was not 5e went as well...
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    My father finally retired last year at 73He is complaining about having to spend money and take things out of the profit sharing plan. They have plenty for retirement but live rather simply and do not have any big plans to travel or such. We only play D&D so not too many books and he stopped...
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    D&D 5E Relocated PC approaches

    I have played in a game before back in 2e days where the new player was a pawn of the DM and sent on orders from the BBEG to attack us from within. The DM played it as a friend who wanted to play for a few weeks in the game to see how he liked it. The human connection of wanting to be friends...
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    D&D 5E Damage Die Steps

    I see a lot of what I was thinking for the boost of 2 points max. But, what is the whole point of the feat or ability? Is the cost of the tax worth the +1 damage, or taken twice to get a possible +2. I would think players would like to get something meaningful and have larger boosts the more...
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    D&D 5E Weekend Chat: What Official Property for a 5E Adaptation

    I'm still waiting on my virtual reality suit like in the movie Ready Player One. This way you can be your PC and the suit and background can adapt to your level and attributes. Things are getting closer, but not quite there yet. Hopefully it is not like the jet packs we were promised.
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    True Tales from Stranger Things: My Hellfire Club

    My neighborhood had more kids my brother's age which was 2 years older than me. It wasn't a problem since I got to tag along in most things, but I learned that I needed to be the thief most of the time since I was told to open doors and go first. In high school the older group mostly broke up...
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    D&D 5E A lich just did something to me and I am not sure what happened. Can someone please explain to me?

    Sounds like there is a plan the DM has for your player that is going to be reveled, but nobody knows about it. That's the problem. You should feel free to ask the DM about your PC and if he is all White Walker and you now have no control, or if there is some sort of save you can make to break...
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    Why do you GM for strangers online or at conventions? What do you get out of it?

    Last convention before Covid my local Con oversold tickets for a slot or just did not have any D&D set up so myself and some other guy took a couple groups of players to an empty room and set up a game ourselves. I had a couple of the AL modules and some maps and such in my car so it was rather...