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  1. BryonD

    D&D 5E Did I invent this NPC ability?

    Please help me find something. I've been using an NPC power for a variety of homemade characters. I've given commander NPCs the ability to use a bonus action to allow one of their mooks to make an extra attack on the commanders turn. I've typically made it a recharge 5-6 ability. It works...
  2. BryonD

    D&D 5E Vicious Mockery

    So my wife ran a L1 bard last night and killed a Kobold entirely with insults. She is a 5E fan on that alone. (She already liked it. But know she likes it +1) :)
  3. BryonD

    D&D 5E Timing - Advantage / Disadvantage and other factors

    A fighter is toe-to-toe with a wizard. The wizard has Blur in effect. A Rogue is friends with the fighter and hidden a few feet away, unbeknownst to the wizard. None of the characters has any special vision or means to overcome Blur. All attacks against the Wizard have disadvantage because of...
  4. BryonD

    D&D 5E Rolling a 20 always hits

    Does this matter? I mean, if your target is AC19 and your attack has a -2, then ok. But doesn't it almost always hit anyway now?
  5. BryonD

    D&D 5E Poisoned condition (in basic)

    Do we know anything about the "poisoned" condition? (Disad on attacks and ability checks) Looking at the rest of basic, nothing creates this condition. For example basic "poison" just inflicts a little damage. Looking at the final playtest bestiary there are some examples of poisons that...
  6. BryonD

    Gaming Music - The 99 Darkest Pieces Of Classical Music

    The 99 Darkest Pieces Of Classical Music - $1.99 on Amazon The 99 Darkest Pieces Of Classical Music: Various Artists: MP3 Downloads As much as I like Nox Arcana and Midnight Syndicate stuff, this is a mountain of excellent background music and all for $2. Or look at it as getting...
  7. BryonD

    DC Adventures and a list of Awesome

    There are a lot of awesome things in the DC Adventures. A Steve Kenson book with an Alex Ross cover An update to a great game that looks even better The official rules system for DC gaming is now part of the OGL family But the thing that really struck me last night: Because the OGL is in...
  8. BryonD

    Spells - Invisibility and Legacy

    So, we've talked about Invisibility and stealth. Has anyone ever been really bugged by the invisible until an attack is made trope? It is such an established piece of D&D history, that it seems to not even bring about comment. People will debate on and on what constitutes an attack and what...
  9. BryonD

    Pathfinder 1E Paizo Publishing Hires Sean K Reynolds Pretty cool
  10. BryonD

    Squares and Facing

    Logan Bonner has stated in his latest blog that old minis will be compatible. This strongly implies that square bases and the associated no facing elements of 3.5 will remain.
  11. BryonD


    I've seen a reference or three to "what we know so far" about skills. So far I don't "know" anything about skills. And I don't see a thread about them. Am I missing something? Or are people making just calling their assumptions knowledge? What do we know about skills based on what WotC has...
  12. BryonD

    This headline gave me a laugh It seems people a crossing the River Han on a high wire. The headline: Skywalkers in Korea Cross Han Solo
  13. BryonD

    Oots 445

    It is up. Raise Dead talk begins. And Belkar has a # sign on his face..... Is it a sign or just a simple mark.... ?
  14. BryonD

    D&D Player Advisory Panel Ends

    I just got an e-mail stateing that the Advisory Panel is done. CLEARLY the only possible explanation is that the focus on 4E makes it no longer needed.* * - Is 95% joking, though I really did receive the e-mail.
  15. BryonD

    Browser Question (history dumping)

    So, would anyone have any idea why my browser periodically just completely drops its history? I'm using Firefox 1.0.7. Every now and then, (today for one) it will suddenly lose the drop down list of recent web sites. I've got my history set at 4 days and I haven't cleared it. This seems to...
  16. BryonD

    SKR Adventure in Dungeon 126

    I gotta say that I think Sean is one of the very best at putting adventures together. Plot, details, mechanics and running advice are all quality and efficiently done. I thought the same of the demogorgon adventure a few issues back. I almost never run 3rd party adventures straight. But I...
  17. BryonD

    Legends of the Samurai: Mystic Arts: Kenza Questions

    First, I really like this product. Are Kenza's really compeletly restricted to the short spell lists? I see that they are seriously efffective with those spells. But they seem crippled by being severe one trick ponies. Am I missing something? I'm trying to think of a way to give them some...
  18. BryonD

    RPGnow on the fritz

    I've been a big fan of RPGnow and ordered a lot of stuff through them. But they have hit a real rough patch, at least for me. My three most recent orders: Jan 29th: I was double billed and had to get that fixed. Feb 21st: I received two receipts. It turns out I was NOT double billed, but...
  19. BryonD

    Power Attack, Two Handed Weapons and Crit

    I thought this was pretty simple, but now I'm not 100% certain. If a character power attacks with a two handed weapon and scores a crit, what is the damage? Assume a -4 to attack for power attack, so a +8 damage and a greatsword (X2 crits). My initial assumption was that two handed power...
  20. BryonD

    A simple swamp map

    This is a pretty low detail simple swamp map I cranked out for this week's game. Maybe someone can get a little use out of it. Fairly basic CC2 stuff.