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  1. PieAndDragon

    Tell me about your favourite village, town or city

    Can you describe a village, town or city in a few sentences? It can be real or fantasy, historic or futuristic. Pick out the elements you think are important, interesting or unique. I'm hoping these would be useful to people for inspiration and I want to use them to help build generators for...
  2. PieAndDragon

    5-Min Prep for 5E - Prototype

    I've started on a 5-minute prep for 5E Prototype tool to help with getting ready for DMing a game of D&D 5E. It might be something to help during a regular campaign, a one-shot or a loose adventure. If your players have a tendency to go off on a tangent then it might be useful all the time...
  3. PieAndDragon

    Which Random Generator for Players Would you Use?

    I'm starting to create some random generators targeted more at players at gamesmasters and was curious about which of these people might use. There is a similar poll on my Patreon page which I'll use to collate results and decide what one to build next. Thoughts on other generators you might...
  4. PieAndDragon

    Taverns and Inns of Gaming Lore?

    Thinking about Inns and taverns in gaming and how they can be used as meeting places for a group starting out, as a place where retired PCs crop up and as recurring places in a campaign. First to spring to mind were Inn of the Last Home from Dragonlance (up a giant tree), the Yawning Portal...
  5. PieAndDragon

    First attempt at a Settlement Description generator

    I'm looking for feedback at my first attempt at a settlement generator using OGRE, the Quick Fantasy Settlement. I'm attempting to keep the generator description-based (so it can be plugged into other generators) but give enough detail so that a GM has enough information to use it. I've...
  6. PieAndDragon

    D&D 5E Anything extra recommended to run Tomb of Annihilation?

    If you've run (or read thoroughly) Tomb of Annihilation, are there any extra bits you would recommend preparing? So any changes you would make, thing you felt were missing or extra content you added to enhance the adventure?
  7. PieAndDragon

    D&D 5E What should be in a 5E Game Prep generator? [Poll]

    If there was a single one-click generator to help out 5E DMs with game/session prep, what should it include? This would most likely for a time when you have nothing/little prepared, have players who go off on random tangents or have an idea and just want to run with it....
  8. PieAndDragon

    D&D 5E Suggest different wild surge results

    I would like to make an expanded Wild Magic generator (using OGRE) for the Wild Sorcerer, so would love suggestions for wild surge results. A mix of things that are beneficial, things that are bad and things that are just interesting... I know that there have been expanded tables in the past...
  9. PieAndDragon

    D&D 5E Generators You Use for 5E

    What random generators do you use for your 5E games as a DM, player or creator? There are lots of generators out there on sites like Donjon and here on EN World and I'm interested in what you are actually using.
  10. PieAndDragon

    How do your PCs meet or know each other?

    I'm looking for ideas for a quick generator for "Ways your PCs get together" So what memorable ways have your PCs met (or that you would like to use)? Here are 5 I've seen used 1. You all meet in a tavern, sent a mysterious letter requesting your presence. 2. You have all been imprisoned...
  11. PieAndDragon

    D&D 5E 5E Random Encounter Generator including Volos, (now at

    I've created a 5E Encounter Generator (now at, with filters for Terrain, Level (Low/Medium/High) and content for Volo's Guide to Monsters [Updated from original OGRE link which was broken] With the creatures I've included a reason for creatures to be in the area, and a current...
  12. PieAndDragon

    Generator for fantasy Encounter Locations

    I've created a generator for fantasy Encounter Locations You can filter by Arctic, Coastal, Desert, Forest, Grassland, Hill, Mountain, Swamp, Underdark, Underwater and Urban. Or keep the default "Any" and take pot luck. Some examples for "Forest" include Shrine to a power of elemental water...
  13. PieAndDragon

    How do you find names for PCs and NPCs?

    What are your favourite ways of finding or generating names for PCs or NPCs? Links to any generators please! This follows on from my ENWorld article about Name Generators
  14. PieAndDragon

    Generating Better Character Names

    Games masters and players alike struggle with character names, settling for a thief named “Bilbo”, a wizard named “Harry” or “Dave the Fighter”. When faced with a group that reverses nearby objects for characters resulting in “Lemarac” or “Reeb”, then it’s time to consider other options...
  15. PieAndDragon

    D&D 5E Help needed for 5E Mountain Random Encounter Generator

    I've put up a first version of a 5E Random Encounter Generator using O.G.R.E., with filters for Low (1-4), Mid (5-10) and High (11+) Level. The encounters are trying to provide more detail than just the number of creatures. Eventually I want to add all terrain types (and maybe planar...
  16. PieAndDragon

    D&D 5E Your Adventuring Party Names

    What are your adventuring party names for groups you have played in or run for, memorable or mundane? I want to use them to improve an adventuring party name generator. Two from for my group include Band of the Badger and Company of the Shattered Lance Other examples would be Fellowship of the...
  17. PieAndDragon

    D&D 5E Quick Dungeon Generator

    My latest generator is a quick dungeon for fantasy settings using EN World O.G.R.E. This is a sample dungeon: Take a look at and give any feedback or suggestions. If there is interest I will also create a more detailed version which...
  18. PieAndDragon

    Eurovision Song Contest Random Generator

    As Eurovision happens next week this is the time to introduce the Eurovision Song Contest Entry random generator It will create an act for the unique experience that is Eurovision, a perfect setting for an adventure in the modern day, be it superheroes, vampires, a detectives or cthulu...
  19. PieAndDragon

    Request an OGRE Random Generator

    Are there any random generators people would like to see built using O.G.R.E.? (the EN World Generator) I've created two generators so far (a gnoll pack and dnd ironman character creator) and I'm working on a Eurovison Song Contest Entry so I've got a good idea how it fits together and what...
  20. PieAndDragon

    OGRE Help Wiki Unavailable

    The OGRE Wiki page at is showing at being down for maintenance, and was also showing as the same a couple of days ago. Is there a problem with it?