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  1. Greatwyrm

    D&D General Looking for Map Key for Outdoor Features

    I've always seen charts of standardized symbols for dungeon features -- gates, statues, secret doors, etc. However, I can't seem to find something like that for outdoor features. Bushes, trees, rubble, and so on. Anybody have something like that? I'm not talking about overland map stuff...
  2. Greatwyrm

    D&D 5E Difficulty of Converting Pathfinder / 3.X Stuff?

    I'm a little out of the loop. Can anyone give me a general idea of how tough it is to port Pathfinder or 3.X material to 5e? I'm not really looking for formulas, but your opinion on a scale of "Easy as Pie" to "Never Again".
  3. Greatwyrm

    One word that will fix what's wrong with DNDN

    Modularity I've seen a lot of discussion the last few days that boils down to "I hate rule X and they need to fix that." Hit dice have gotten a lot of that attention, along with advantage, saving throws, and others as well. What's getting lost here is one of the core design goals has been the...
  4. Greatwyrm

    Killer Trhiller!

    Upfront I received a free copy of this game to review. I did not work on this product, but I have done playtesting for the author in the past. The Basics Killer Thriller a game of cinematic horror stupidity. Your players’ characters are the poor saps who Fate has placed in the path of a...
  5. Greatwyrm

    Castle Ravenloft Components

    Can anyone who has Castle Ravenloft tell me whether the dungeon/board tiles come punched or in a sheet? Am I correct to assume the power, treasure, and character cards are already cut? May be kind of an odd question, I realize. I'm considering getting it, scanning it, and playing it on...
  6. Greatwyrm

    Need Suggestions for paragon Half-Constructs

    I'm working on some creatures for an adventure based on 15th level characters. I'd like to use some theme-type powers to customize some creatures. The idea is that the inhabitants of a lost city (and some nearby monsters) have been made part-living/part-machine by the adversary of the...
  7. Greatwyrm

    DDI play and RPGA

    There's been a healthy discussion of whether or not people are planning to use the virtual table top to play online. However, it occurred to me that this could really be a boon for organized play groups like the RPGA. I never really participated in RPGA since there wasn't much going on near...
  8. Greatwyrm

    Official Information Yet?

    I admit my google-fu is lacking. Can anyone point me toward any official WotC info on the pricing and availability dates of DDI? Is there anything official yet?
  9. Greatwyrm

    Not Another +1 Sword

    With the action points and healing surges being part of 4e, I may have found a way to get around a problem I had in the past. In an old 2e game, just by die rolls, the party ended up with what they jokingly called the Golf Bag of +1 Swords. As far as they were concerned, the things rained from...
  10. Greatwyrm

    D&D 4E Un(der)served 4e Content Goldrush?

    In another thread, I brought up Swords & Sorcery Studios' Creature Collection beating the 3e Monster Manual to market by being released the same day as the 3e PHB. I believe that this kind of thing can and will happen again with 4e's release. Just for the sake of discussion, let's say the...
  11. Greatwyrm

    WWE: Know Your Role is here

    We just got word that the actual books are finally on their way. Hopefully Tony won't mind me doing a little thunder-stealing. If you still haven't seen the preview, head to (be sure KYR is capitalized)
  12. Greatwyrm

    Publishers, Piracy, and You I've seen a lot of these coming up on ebay lately and it's been discussed recently on the WotC boards. Basically, some guy selling one or more books on pdf/CD, illegally. To name a few, this includes Necromancer, Malhavoc, WotC...
  13. Greatwyrm

    Need Non-Combat Wilderness Encounters

    Anybody have advice on building non-combat wilderness encounters? It feels like all the game is becoming for my group is walking from one fight to the next. Don't worry about terrain or setting, I can use any help you'll lend.
  14. Greatwyrm

    Talislanta d20

    Would somebody please explain to me how the heck I missed this until my new Dragon arrived this afternoon? For the benefit of those who don't feel like clicking over...
  15. Greatwyrm

    Sorcerers and Bloodlines

    Not wanting to get into a big "do sorcerers stink" debate, let's just say I think they're slightly underpowered. Do you think giving them bloodlines from Unearthed Arcana at a discount would be too much? Least for free, Minor for one level instead of two, Major for two instead of three.
  16. Greatwyrm

    Designing Non-Combat Encounters

    One thing I've noticed is that I'm having a little trouble coming up with good non-combat encounters in my adventures. Anybody have advice on how to judge what CR diplomatic, social, and puzzle encounters and the like should be?
  17. Greatwyrm

    Sean Reynolds' new company press release

    First, let me start by saying I like Mr. Reynolds' work and he personally helped me with a sticky customer service issue back in the TSR days. I have no axe to grind with him. However, was I the only one that read the press release about the new company and felt I was told that I was too...
  18. Greatwyrm

    GenCon pick-up game idea

    Seeing my schedule charted out, I've come to a realization. If I don't make it into the second and third rounds of the Eberron open, I'll have some good chunks of open time. With that in mind, here's my idea. I make a small, but tough dungeon (something like 5 rooms) and some pregen...
  19. Greatwyrm

    Maps by the Artisitcally Declined

    I figured I'd post some step-by-step shots of some maps I'm using for an upcoming game. I'm not really doing this to show off, but rather to give hope to others (like me) who couldn't produce good art if their lives depended on it. I just want to illustrate that you can get reasonably good...
  20. Greatwyrm

    Looking for feedback on sorcerer PrC

    Below is a prc I've made for an upcoming campaign. If anyone would like to give any suggestions for improvement, I'd appreciate it. However, please bear the following items in mind: 1. THIS IS NOT OPEN CONTENT. This class is mainly a modified version of the Blood Magus from WotC's Tome and...