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  1. FoxWander

    D&D General Is there a D&D setting that actually works how it would with access to D&D magic?

    What I mean is- humans, at the very least, are a very industrious and innovative people. Look how far we’ve developed in just the past 2000 years- or even the past 100! But most D&D settings seem to have multi-thousand-year histories where the world has existed at the “default” D&D setting; that...
  2. FoxWander

    Kingmaker AP question: running as goblins creating a goblin nation?

    So last week our group played through "We Be Goblins!" and it was lots of fun. On the drive home my wife brought up the idea of keeping our goblin group and running through some kind of quest to establish a goblin nation. We'd have to find someplace away from established cities so the big-folk...
  3. FoxWander

    Can non-touch spells be "held"?

    Here was the situation... Combat starts and the wizard goes first. She starts casting Enlarge Person to make the big, buff fighter bigger and buffer. The fighter wasn't paying attention to this plan and charges into combat thus going beyond the range of the wizard's spell. Next round the wizard...
  4. FoxWander

    Best old-school dungeon to get stuck/live in

    I have a character for an upcoming game whose backstory involves being stuck and raised in a dungeon environment. Possibly spending a significant chunk of his childhood there. I'm thinking something along the lines of a dungeon that would magically trap a party so they'd have to get the...
  5. FoxWander

    Fochlucan Lyrist build help

    First off- this is a character for my wife (Lady Sabelle here)- she can't post at the moment so she asked me to post this for her. OK, so this is for what the DM says will be a "very high powered" game. Our group is small, so she plans to fill two caster roles for the party- mainly cleric but...
  6. FoxWander

    The Delver, a professional adventurer [new base class, PEACH]

    NOTE: New version 2.0 posted below (post 16) incorporating suggestions and some new stuff. Please check it out. This is my attempt at a jack-of-all-trades adventurer class. I really feel that in the D&D world there would be some sort of "professional" dungeon delver. While it can be argued...
  7. FoxWander

    Best 3-person party?

    I'll be starting a new Pathfinder campaign soon, but we only have three players and the DM. What do you think would be the best mix of characters to cover the basic roles with just three people? We'll be starting at 2nd level and using the 'heroic method' to gen stats (2d6+6). So we have...
  8. FoxWander

    An obscure spelljammer setting question

    This had been driving me crazy. I seem to recall there was a mention in one of the setting books that named the material crystal spheres are made of. Does anyone else remember reading this and happen to recall that name? Or what book it was in? Any clues at all would be helpful. Thanks.
  9. FoxWander

    Obscure Spelljammer setting question

    There was a mention in one of the setting books that named the material crystal spheres are made of. Does anyone else remember reading this and happen to recall that name? Or what book it was in? Any clues even would be helpful. Thanks.
  10. FoxWander

    Program/tool to get an offline copy of a forum post

    I'm looking to find a program/tool/utility that can let me download/save offline copies of forum posts. There are many posts here I'd like to have available offline as well as several at the WOTC site I'd like to save also. I know there are options like bringing up the printable version to...
  11. FoxWander

    Help- trying to create a balanced single-class combo of cleric and bard

    A player in the Pathfinder game I'm about to start would like to play a character that combines aspects of both a bard and a cleric. She likes bits of both classes but she's not too keen on just playing one or the other. She has a good character concept for a story-telling healer/leader type and...
  12. FoxWander

    Spell combos and teamwork tactics

    Looking for ideas and tips that synergize an adventuring groups abilities. We're playing in a high-level game where we should have all the options in the world. I know there a tricks and things we can pull off by combining our abilities but in action we act more like a bunch of high-level...
  13. FoxWander

    Video links without embedding the video

    Can anyone tell me how to post just a link to a youtube video without the video getting embedded in the post? I was going to make a reply to a movie question and gives links to a few movie trailers but the system automatically puts a video window in the post. That gets a little distracting...
  14. FoxWander

    So you find a portal to a game-verse - where do you go and what do you bring?

    Something about the phrasing of kitsune9's 'book for the asylum' question got me thinking about the ultimate (for here) 'what would you take where' question. ;) So let's say you stumble upon a portal to a game setting, any setting/world for any game system you like. You can summon the portal...
  15. FoxWander

    Come see the exploding castle!! (and help me win free fireworks)

    First off, here's the video. It's a castle siege with fireworks, so it's not too out of place for ENWorld. Hope you enjoy it! Castle of Fire 2009! And now some background -- My wife and I got bored and decided to make a fireworks display for the 4th of July. Rather than just buy some...
  16. FoxWander

    New Terminator Salvation trailer

    Surprised nobody has posted this yet. Terminator Salvation Japanese Trailer - Trailer Addict It's in english with japanese subtitles. There will probably be an official release of this by tomorrow- but that's tomorrow. Enjoy.
  17. FoxWander

    Swiftblade build and spell list advice

    We're creating new characters for our campaign soon and I'm working on making a swiftblade. (WOTC online class - LINK) I'm going the stalwart sorcerer route (alt class feature, Complete Mage, p36) to get the martial weapon (and focus and extra hp). Anyway, I'd like some advice on a few things...
  18. FoxWander

    First time going to GenCon- need advice/tips/etc.

    So, events in my life have finally aligned so that I can attend GenCon this year. But, I didn't know it would work out until just recently and so I've missed all the pre-registration deadlines. Not that pre-registering might have mattered anyway since aside from getting into the Con I wouldn't...
  19. FoxWander

    Anyone seen or created an expanded spell list for the Urban Druid?

    I posted something similar to this over on the Paizo boards, but I have a feeling these boards are more active. ;) I'm playing an Urban Druid (from Dragon #317 and updated in the Dragon Magazine Compendium) in my current campaign. I'm really liking the class- good balance and great flavor...
  20. FoxWander

    Trying to find a picture from a D&D book. Please help!

    I'm trying to find an illustration I know I've seen in a D&D book. I can picture it clearly but can't seem to find the book it was in. Hopefully someone will recognize this description and know where it's from. It's a color picture of a male dwarf in three-quarter profile from the right. He's...