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  1. akr71

    D&D 5E Mobs in 5E

    TL/DR: There is a very real possibility that at my next session, the party may be confronted by a mob (hundreds of commoners vs a party of 7). I'm wondering how other DMs might handle that if it turns into combat. I have no doubt it would be a slaughter, the party is level 10/11. I want to avoid...
  2. akr71

    D&D 5E Crafting armor from a Beholder's hide/scales

    TL/DL; What would Beholder Armor give you? The druid in my game has made it clear that he's on the lookout for an armor upgrade. He asked how rare magical studded leather is and whether it would require attunement. He said that it is likely the best armor he could hope for. I responded that if...
  3. akr71

    D&D 5E 'Justice' in 5E

    TL/DR; the party subdued the BBEG & freed a good NPC cleric. What would the cleric suggest doing with the BBEG? The long version. The party made a deal with a Night Hag -> info on the BBEG's whereabouts and in exchange they would leave her chained in a specific location for the Night Hag to...
  4. akr71

    D&D 5E Becoming prisoners without removing player agency (OotA)

    I have had Out of the Abyss sitting on my shelf, unused and gathering dust. I'd like to get some value out of it, so after the party finishes the next couple of tasks, they be sent to the underdark. I have some hooks worked out and I'm pretty sure they'll bite - the ranger has underdark as a...
  5. akr71

    D&D 5E D&D doesn't need bards

    I'm just responding to @Morrus request for more suggestion threads for testing. However, I don't like bards and think the game would be better without them. Certainly not as full casters and in no way should they be able to swap spells on a long rest. Edited for grammer.
  6. akr71

    D&D 5E Death Knight Legendary Actions & Lair Actions

    Like the descriptions says - I'm looking for some Legendary Actions & Lair Actions for a Death Knight. Frankly, I'm surprised that the MM didn't have any for it, but does for similar CR Mummy Lord, Lich & Vampire. I've got a couple ideas, but I'm interested to see what the community has to offer.
  7. akr71

    D&D General Eladrin Organized Crime

    My players are currently wandering the Feywild, looking for a way back to the Sword Coast. They have made contact with an Archfey who said she has the power to send them back, provided they perform "a few minor tasks for her." They stumbled on a group of Eladrin who are involved in the...
  8. akr71

    D&D 5E Resurrection & Healing Magic with a price ... for the caster

    I know some groups play that Resurrection, Raise Dead or Revivify are not automatically successful. Critical Role has coupled Resurrection with Skill Challenges when characters die and it certainly adds tension to the game. For the one being raised, there can be penalties as well - Resurrection...
  9. akr71

    D&D 5E Next session a character might die. Am I being a jerk?

    TL/DR - Should I throw a revenant at a party of level 5/6? One of the party murdered the revenant and now it seeks revenge. A few sessions ago, the party encountered 3 acolytes of (NG deity of life/light) who were unconscious and injured. The necromancer decided to cast vampiric touch to heal...
  10. akr71

    D&D 5E Concerned that Geas will Railroad my players

    TL/DR If my players find an artifact that put a Geas on the character to perform a quest, will it feel too railroad-y? There is a chance my players will find an ancient artifact, but it (and its former owner) has a mission to defeat its ancient enemy. It may deem the players worthy and grant...
  11. akr71

    Tabaxi & the Feywild?

    TL;DR What would tabaxi who've lived in the feywild for generations be like? One of my players is playing a tabaxi ranger with the archaeologist background (ToA - we're not playing ToA, she's just using that background). She is on a quest for the Lost Tabaxi Empire of which she heard tales as...
  12. akr71

    Need input on a ship based mini adventure

    My group has a bit of a rotating DM thing going on and I'm due up again soon. My wife tells me that we will likely still be on-board a ship at sea unless we do something incredibly stupid (which is a distinct possibility). It is a group of five 5th level characters. I've been the main DM and...
  13. akr71

    D&D 5E Making a bigger Giant Scorpion

    A giant scorpion is a large sized beast, meaning you could ride it. That is, it could be ridden assuming the rider does not get stung to death... What if you wanted something larger? Say huge to gigantic, similar to the things in Clash of the Titans remake. I mean, its easy enough to scale...
  14. akr71

    D&D 5E Handing over the DM reins, now I need a character

    Once we finish the current scenario which will take a session or two, I'm stepping out of the DM chair so someone else can run a one-shot. He gets to exercise his creativity and I get to play. However, now I have to think of a character to play. :erm: Yes, yes - I know - play what would be...
  15. akr71

    D&D 5E Converting Monsters - which addition is easier to convert from?

    I never played 3e through 4e (that is, including 3.5 and Pathfinder), so I have little experience interpreting with stat blocks from those versions. When/if you need to convert a monster from an older version, which edition do you prefer to use to make a 5e version? That is, assuming you can...
  16. akr71

    D&D 5E Level 10 Character Ideas

    My DM is going to be unavailable in a few weeks and one of our players stepped up and said she would run a one-shot for those of us that still want to play. Interested players would need to create a level 10 character using any WOTC 5e material (including Unearthed Arcana articles) and Matt...
  17. akr71

    D&D 5E Help with adventure ideas (level 10+)

    I have a group of players whose characters' I ran through LMoP and then we proceeded with a series of adventures tying in with their back-stories. About mid-way through, my son brought in an air genasi druid, leaving his dwarf barbarian 'in the wings.' Now he has made it clear that his druid...
  18. akr71

    D&D 5E We Don't Need Magic Shops!... or How My Players Continually Confound Me.

    I'm running HotDQ for my players and in the middle section(s) the party passes through some major cities - even spending 10 days in Baldur's Gate. In an effort to be prepared I made lists of the type of shops that they would be able to find easily and what magic items they might be able to buy...
  19. akr71

    D&D 5E Creating Monstrosities - which school of magic?

    In the MM it states that while the origins of the owlbear have been long debated, one theory is that a demented wizard created them. If I wanted I wanted to have a foe/NPC who conducted similar experiments, what school of magic should he/she belong to? Transmutation seems to be the obvious...
  20. akr71

    Ninja class for 5E

    I have just uploaded Ninja class for 5E to the downloads area. I started this back before the WOTC forum closed and received some valuable input from folks there. I have since revisited it to add some polish and attempted to re-balance it as a class as a whole. A few months back, my son said...