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    D&D 5E Why do people care when threads get necro'd?

    This seems to be a big deal for some people... someone here on the boards gets an old thread in their mentions and then read it and respond, not noticing the thread is "old". And invariably there are other who then show up to say "Necro'd thread!"... as if that is actually a problem. Why...
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    D&D 5E Are "evil gods" necessary?

    With all of this talk happening about the various peoples of D&D and whether they are inherently evil and is it due to their gods they worship and so on... it made me take a look at the gods themselves. And I realized that having a pantheon that includes "evil" gods seems to intrude and trod...
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    D&D 5E People didn't like the Psionic Talent Die

    Well, apparently a predominant number of the players who responded to the surveys for latest Psionics playtest document have said they don't like the Psionic Talent die. They liked the ideas of the Psi Knight / Soulknife/ Psionic Soul subclasses... but having there be an all-new mechanic to...
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    2d10 for Skill Checks

    I have run many, many games now over the years that have used the standard d20 for skill checks, and over time have grown more and more disillusioned with it. Principally due to the fact that the d20 die roll produced way too large a variance for me, resulting in a PC's personal modifier having...
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    Time to reincarnate the Warlord sub-forum?

    So now that we are up to I believe 10 different threads on the front two pages of the 5E Rules forum that are all about the Warlord or Warlord-adjacent classes / subclasses... (11 if you count this one)... is it time we re-introduce the Warlord sub-forum so that all of them can be bundled...
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    D&D 5E Reorganized Exhaustion Chart?

    For my two Curse of Strahd games I ran in order to make combat a bit grittier, I replaced the '3 Death Saves' chart with the Exhaustion Chart instead. When you reached 0 HP, your death saves were giving you levels of exhaustion. So while it took longer for characters to die (since they had to...
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    D&D 5E CoS Castle Endgame Crazy Stuff

    So both of my Curse of Strahd campaigns are ending, with each of them having probably two sessions left. Both groups are about to enter Castle Ravenloft for the last time to take on Strahd and his minions. However, rather than just a combat slog through wave after wave of minions and undead...
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    Yellow text on white wiki background

    Hello! I'm not sure if someone has posted this query in the meta section yet or not (couldn't find it), but I wanted to let you know that when I use the Eric Noah's Half-Fiend Love Child format, the yellow text that it defaults to becomes almost invisible in the white wiki thread headings on...
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    D&D 5E Longswords

    I've discovered in my several 5E campaigns thus far that the longsword has fallen quite a ways away in terms of popularity and use. Now the reasons to me are obvious: almost half of the melee weapon users in my games go DEX, which means rapiers become the defacto d8 weapon... and of the STR...
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    WotC Wants your Feedback On The Revised Ranger

    I'm a big fan of the concave Rangers. When they're out in nature they can collect rainwater during a storm... they're great! *EDIT* Okaaaaaayyy... so the merging of the two threads pretty much made this joke superfluous. ;)
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    D&D 5E Sorcerer/Warlord - Is 5E SRD The Solution or AL The Problem?

    Now that the SCAG has answered the question of "When will 5E see more support?" and the new 5E SRD has answered the question of "What's up with the OGL for 5E?"... the next largest issue here on the boards that it seems 5E needs to tackle for a lot of players is the perceived lack of workable...
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    D&D 5E Expected Additions to SRD 1.2

    Now that the SRD for 5E has been released (version 1.1), there is going to be obviously some additions and corrections that will need to be made or added over time. The first most obvious one is Eldritch Blast being added, seeing as how it's the Warlock's primary attack spell, and there are two...
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    D&D 5E Battlemaster sub-subclasses

    With the talk over the in the 'Warlording the fighter' thread as well as the info revealed by Mearls in the Tome Show interview thread about how they made a bit of a mistake in not having flavor attached to the fighter sub-classes... it made me wonder if perhaps anyone had built specific...
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    D&D 5E Valor Bard With a Polearm

    I want to make a valor bard who wields a polearm just because I want to use bardiche inspiration. :o
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    D&D 5E Which options for an EK bladesinger?

    I find myself in a very intriguing character build situation, where I am putting together a 4th level high elf Eldritch Knight whose fluff is that he is a Bladesinger. So he's a Fighter that has some spellcasting at his disposal (mainly for defensive spells and perhaps an AoE attack spell.) I...
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    The Shade race and Shadowlord Patron (Dark Pact)

    I had a player in my last 4E campaign who was playing a Shade and who was a warlock with the Dark pact (although geared towards a Shadowfell lord, rather than a drow thing.) The character ended up finishing the campaign by moving through a portal to what turned out to be the Forgotten Realms...
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    D&D 5E Was Tempest an odd choice for PC-centric domain?

    We now know what the seven domains are going to be in the PH for players to choose from when they make their PCs: Life, Light, Nature, Knowledge, Tempest, Trickery, War. But what seems odd is that as I've gone through the various pantheons of the "fantasy settings" of the game (IE the...
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    D&D 5E "Lifepath" character creation in DMG?

    Hey folks, I've been thinking about my upcoming 5E campaign I intend to run... and when it comes to character creation, I have it stuck in my head that we had heard a rumor previously that the DMG was going to include a "lifepath" style of generation as a character creation module...
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    D&D 5E 5E = Fate Accelerated

    Last week when on Twitter, television showrunner and RPG writer John Rogers ('Leverage', 4E Manual of the Planes 'Feywild' section) live-tweeted his reading of the Basic Game. And during the course of his tweeting, he made this interesting observation: "Ability check/proficiency screams Fate...
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    D&D 5E What I think I'm going to do about skills

    Once again I DM'd several slots of D&D Next at PAX East this year, and I've definitely come to the conclusion about what I do and do not want to do about skills if/when I run the next edition. Having done the "skill list" thing in 3E, 4E, and now in the final open playtest packet... I've come...