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  1. WarDriveWorley

    Level Up (A5E) A5E Druid Wildshape Tracker

    Greetings all. I wasn't feeling well over the weekend so couldn't leave the house. I ended up getting a weird urge to create a fillable Druid Wildshape Tracker spreadsheet to help with A5E druids and their wild shapes. Well after about 20 hours of typing/testing/formatting/hair pulling I've...
  2. WarDriveWorley

    Gate Pass Gazette Clarification on the Artificer from the Gazette (Errata needed)

    According to the Artificer table the artificer gains Reliable Spell Inventions at 9th level and Advanced Tactical Chemistry at 11th level, but the class description has those abilities reversed in terms of when they're gained. Which is accurate?
  3. WarDriveWorley

    Level Up (A5E) Character Sheet Feedback/Suggestions

    So a few bits of feedback/Suggestions/Gripes in regards to the character sheet from my group. I don't know if a revamp of the CS would even be done, but wanted to pass out thoughts along. Please also know that if I had any skill in creating my own I would totally do so. 1.) Add a place to put...
  4. WarDriveWorley

    Level Up (A5E) Likely Error on Bard Level Chart

    On page 121 of the PDF (I just bought mine last week) the Bard table shows the bard as gaining an archetype feature at 3rd (when the archetype is chosen), 6th, 9th, 14th, and 15th levels (see screenshot), but the Bard Archetype description along with each archetype says you only get a feature...