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  1. DumbPaladin

    Pathfinder player seeking group - Los Angeles area!

    Hey all, Hoping some PF group out there wants players and sees this post ... got all my own equipment, books, etc. Prior GM looking to get back into being a player. Thanks! -- Pally
  2. DumbPaladin

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Game beginning in Pasadena/Altadena, CA

    Nothing to see here, move along ...
  3. DumbPaladin

    Arrows/Bolts vs. Damage Reduction

    Pathfinder is like starting over and simplifying again, in many ways. In 3.5, spread across all the splatbooks, there were a couple of ways to ensure that a character using a crossbow or composite bow would rarely have a problem of NEVER being able to overcome a creature's damage reduction...
  4. DumbPaladin

    Going to my first ever convention!

    Hello, everyone. I am a convention virgin. :angel: Can anyone give me some idea about the Do's and Don'ts of convention attending? What can I expect in terms of ... everything? Are there any mistakes you've made that you would like to share so that I do not befall the same fate? Are...
  5. DumbPaladin

    Has anyone played a Summoner for more than a couple of sessions?

    I'd love to hear some feedback from someone who's actually played this class, as I'm considering it. Actual experience playing a summoner in various scenarios could be helpful in preventing me from making some serious mistakes in building a character ... and truth be told, I'm concerned about a...
  6. DumbPaladin

    RPG Superstar 2011

    Is anyone here paying attention to this contest over on Paizo? Did you enter a submission? (If you're currently a participant, you can't post here so ... don't!) Is anyone else here voting in the contest?
  7. DumbPaladin

    Is there a Los Angeles area Game Day?

    I'm noticing threads for Boston and Chicago Game Days ... are there any in Los Angeles or in Southern California that occur?
  8. DumbPaladin

    Immunity to ability drain/damage and energy drain

    Hey, everyone. I'm considering picking up a feat that will grant me temporary immunity to ability drain, ability damage, and energy drain for 1 minute per use (Sacred Vitality, from Libris Mortis), but I'm wondering if any of you know of items and/or spells that might be available to me (or my...
  9. DumbPaladin

    D&D 3E/3.5 [3.5] Draconomicon and Dragon Shaman

    Would you allow a Dragon Shaman to learn the Metabreath feats from Draconomicon, provided he had the prerequisite Constitution score?
  10. DumbPaladin

    Marshal conversion?

    Has anyone seen or created a conversion for 3.5's Marshal to Pathfinder?
  11. DumbPaladin

    Classes in the APG

    I apologize if this is a thread that's already been covered, but are there any current PF players out there who would like to weigh in on some of the new classes in the APG that they find especially interesting or noteworthy? Either because you like the flavor, they're especially well-balanced...
  12. DumbPaladin

    The Good Wife?

    Haven't found this show to be watched by any of my friends or regular chat buddies on the internet, but it's apparently a highly watched show, so ... which of you out there is a fan, like me?
  13. DumbPaladin

    Defending weapon question

    This is likely a very simple question, but I just acquired a +3 defending, holy, mighty smiting longsword and I'd like to know ... if I move all 3 enhancement points to my AC, is my sword now a masterwork holy mighty smiting longsword for the rest of that round? Thanks in advance, D.P.
  14. DumbPaladin

    D&D 3E/3.5 [3.5] Smite Evil question: Can't find answer on the net.

    I don't have Rules Compendium in front of me, so I apologize if this is clearly listed in that book, but ... so far I'm not finding an answer to this question. Does a paladin's smite evil ability get stopped (and ignored) by Damage Reduction? According to the SRD: Whenever damage reduction...
  15. DumbPaladin

    So, I'm grappled by Evard's black tentacles ...

    ... and I don't have freedom of movement cast on me right now. I do, however, have the ability to cast any spell I know as if it had silent spell and still spell attached to it, without increasing the caster level. If I cast a spell with components: V, S ... what happens? Does it turn into a...
  16. DumbPaladin

    Polymorph & Dismissal

    While on the material plane, my character is polymorphed into an outsider, gaining this type. If someone casts dismissal on him, does he get sent to the plane where this outsider usually resides, or do I get sent back to my normal plane of existence (the material plane), or does the spell...
  17. DumbPaladin

    3.5 Group Needs Player -- Pasadena/Altadena, CA

    We are a year-old 3.5 group in Altadena, looking to add another player to our ranks. We have 5 players of all ages and experience levels, and the DM is creating his own world in his first time running a game. This is a great group for newer players, and will provide just as much enjoyment for...
  18. DumbPaladin

    Paladins and scroll use?

    According to the rules on scrolls (quotes from SRD, although it appears this way in my DMG also), the caster of the scroll must be able to cast read magic or make a Spellcraft check, and meet the following three requirements as well: -- the spell must "be of the correct type (arcane or divine)"...
  19. DumbPaladin

    D&D 3E/3.5 [3.5] Quick Draw as an Immediate Action?

    I'm playing a 3.5 game, with swift & immediate actions both in effect. Recently, after my cohort disarmed a drow, on my turn I moved past the drow (assuming he no longer threatened any square and I could do so safely) to charge a priestess, and the DM informed me that the drow was drawing a...