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    Skill Challenges in Heathen (Dungeon)

    The first 4e adventure of Dungeon, Heathen, is available for download. There are three places I found where skill challenge DCs are noted. Unfortunately, their DCs do not appear to be consistent with each other. All appear to use as a starting point the DCs on page 42. However, the first...
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    D&D 4E Quotes on 4e pre-GenCon

    I know that after the announcement of 4e, there were a number of threads on subject of WotC lying about the release of 4e. One of them was from this year's D&D eXperience and another from Winter Fantasy, as I recall. From what I remember from the outcomes of those threads, it seemed as if the...
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    Tsojcanth is Up!

    Just to let people know, the first of the chapters of the 3.5e conversion of Lost Caverns is up on the Dungeon page: