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  1. JonWake

    OSR ACKS Domains at War Question

    I have a question for anyone who has had a look at the Domains at War playtest rules. I'm running a gladiator rebellion in Dark Sun, and I missed the Kickstarter date by a month. Lame. So if I'm overstepping, apologies. I was wondering if anyone could give me a general run down of the...
  2. JonWake

    Why RPGs are Important

    There is a tendency amongst my peers to either deride or exalt their pastimes, often to an extreme. The former smacks of the sneering disdain for experiences that marks the hipster, while the latter lends a hand-wringing quality. Both are the acts of uncertainty. This uncertainty isn't implicit...
  3. JonWake

    The Importance of Randomness

    The Death of Randomness If there's anything that can be said for sure about 4e, it's that random events are constrained to the combat board, and even then, the range of random events is highly reduced. A creature has an expected lifespan, an expected damage output, and an expected treasure...
  4. JonWake

    5E Help Me Reverse-Engineer 5e DCs

    So here's where I am. I'm on a big 'simple is better' kick with my game group, and I'm trying to figure out how Wizards is handling their attribute check DCs. Rumor has it that they're letting certain stat levels auto-succeed on tasks. I like this, and want to incorporate it into my game. The...
  5. JonWake

    Virtuoso- African Steampunk

    Virtuoso is a comic series I write about an inventor who sort of, accidentally, through no fault of her own destroys her entire society. Now she has mobsters, cultists, and spies chasing her, and she has to figure out how to survive in a world gone nuts. More to the RPG point, here's a little...