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    5E rise of tiamat ap with rodney thompson ..

    so i just saw this-a play thru of part one of rise of tiamat'ed by rodney thompson i was pretty interested in this to see how the designers run their own games and in particular this ap. as a showcase of the game the video demonstrates...
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    5E fifth edition release schedule ... cart before the horse?

    i'm a huge fan of 5e dungeons and dragons but am i the only one feeling that the release schedule is a bit...slow :mad:. and i'm not talking about dmg specifically (im a player not a dm so the dmg isn't a must). but i am wondering where are the modules? at first i thought my group (we are 10...
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    best looking rpgs ! aka, i likes the artz ! :D

    so i just picked up numenera and i was super impressed with the book. great art design and sensibility. they put a great deal of thought into layout (interspersing each page with an illo or three)...and the choice of...
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    which rpg's are you just now discovering?

    after reading thru the origins awards list i found myself discovering quite a few rpg's that i had never read/heard of and more interestingly some of them looked good :D. so here's a quick survey, which rpg's (let's limit this to two per...
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    rate the gm ... rate the players :D !

    to show what a B-) i am i have been watching various you tube / google plus rpg games while drawing/brainstorming rpg ideas. my all time favorite is this session with gm chris perkins and a group of british players . i thought chris did an amazing...
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    Selkirk sketches ...sometimes nsfw ^^;...:D !

    a logo i did for fun some heads .... purely idea stage for a steampunkish rpg called mages and mechanics or might be golems and goblins :D another head ... a race of psions called the sybillines
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    have computer role playing games influenced your tabletop designs ?

    just wondering if computer rpg's have influenced the ways you guys think about games. could be settings or player classes/races or even mechanics. if so which games and how? the answer could of course also be no or perhaps they have made you embrace tabletop games even more for inspiration (the...
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    what isn't an rpg that should be?

    aka why isn't there a he-man rpg :D. just started this one to get people's ideas on properties/licenses that should be rpg's. could also be properties that have been made but for all intents and purposes have been long abandoned. these do not have to be commercial properties (grimm brothers...