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    Spell Level Cap Below 9th

    I've been considering running a game where I cap the maximum spell level at 5th level. I'd be using the spell-point variant, and I'd be keeping the available spell points at each level and the cost for spells of each level the same as listed in the DMG. The primary change I'd be instituting is...
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    Job Board (Random Table)

    After watching this episode of How to be a Great Game Master, I was inspired to write up a random job board table. I figured I'd share it with you and see if you had any notes on how to improve it.
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    Stargate RPG Powered By 5E Announced from Wyvern Gaming

    A friend of mine has been running D20 modern using 5e rules. We replaced some of the modern skills with tool proficiencies.
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    Recovering Unused Held Spells

    While running my usual weekly game last week, one of my players asked about holding an action to cast a spell. I told him the rules, and he inquired if he could recover the cast spell if it wasn't used. I told him about the way the rules handle it (the spell is spent regardless of using it)...
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    Pre-Rolling Certain Opposed Checks

    Lately, I've been toying with the idea of having my players roll a D20 several times before the session, recording each of these rolls and handing them over to be beforehand. The idea is that I'd use those results as their D20 rolls when they make certain opposed checks where knowing the result...
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    Barbarian Archetype: Wild Soul [PEACH]

    I've created a new barbarian archetype for my home game, and I was curious what the community reaction might be. Any constructive comments, concerns or criticisms are more than welcome. Edit: looks like this might be the final revision, so I've thrown in some flavor text. Sorry about the...
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    Water Domain, Work in Progress

    I'm working on a water domain for my homebrew setting, and I was hoping to get some opinions about the following features, but most especially on the Channel Divinity feature. I was designing the Channel Divinity: Drown feature for the 2nd level domain spot, but it feels like it's powerful...
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    Centaurs - Seeking your thoughts on a homebrew race

    I'm working on the centaur race for my homebrew setting. This is what I have for racial features so far. Any thoughts, concerns or constructive criticisms are welcome. Asa centaur, you have the following traits: Ability Score Increase. Your Strength, Constitution and Wisdom scores...
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    Roseport - A Town Map

    My players (after being transported from FR to my homebrew setting) are finally starting to explore the world around them. Consequently, I needed to make a town for them to begin their new adventures from. Since I just finished inking and scanning the map, I figured I'd share it here. If any of...
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    5E Hang Time - What if you jump farther than your speed?

    While working on some homebrew material I was confronted with the question of what to do when a character or monster jumps and the distance they can jump is longer than their remaining movement. I see a few potential decisions people can make here: 1) You can't go farther than your movement...
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    NECROFUNGUS - A New Hazard

    The following is a hazard (and an associated creature) found in my homebrew campaign setting of Tenesia. Any thoughts, concerns, or constructive criticisms are welcome. Also, I'm not sure I got the CR right on the associated monster. Necrofungus A patch of necrofungus consists of slick black...
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    DRAGONS, An Alternate Take on a Classic Foe

    While doing some work on the setting document for my homebrew setting of Tenesia (which takes place on a world called Etrimus), I recently finalized my setting's version of dragons, and I was wondering what the community's thoughts, opinions and concerns might be. The following is an excerpt...
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    Alternate Initiative Method

    I'm restarting my D&D campaign after a somewhat long hiatus to finish school and look after my father. I'm going to be implementing an initiative variant when we restart, and I'd like to hear the community's thoughts on it. Initiative Variant Actions are declared at the beginning of the round...
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    3D Printing Minis

    For a while now I've been considering getting a 3D printer and designing and printing my own minis. However, while I have done some research on 3D printers, I really don't know much of anything about how suitable they are for making fantasy miniatures of the size regularly used for things like...
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    Alternate Method of Calculating Hit Points

    I've been toying with the idea of changing how I calculate PC hit points. Now, I don't really have much of an issue with how many hit points character's start out with. The game starts out fairly deadly, but the PCs progress quickly through the first couple of levels, and I don't generally...
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    5E Do you miss attribute minimums/maximums?

    That is a correct assessment. Asserting that reality, and the limitations thereof, should apply to one sex but not the other is definitionally sexist. Now, that's not the whole of it. Let's say males and females are both given modifiers or differing abilities to reflect reality. It's very...
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    5E Landholds, what do you want out of it?

    So, I'm working on a landhold management system for 5e. It takes influences from Risk, Axis & Allies, and Civ V. I'm building the system to be as simple as possible while covering all the essentials of managing a landhold. I plan to have the potential for more layers of rules if people want...
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    5E Alacrity, a new Ability Score

    With initiative variants cropping up lately, it got me thinking about initiative, the relative value of the Dex score, and previous edition speed modifiers. Lately I've begun to wonder what people would think of introducing an ability score determining a character's speed and ability to snap to...
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    5E Princess Langwidere Inspired Character

    I normally DM, but I may get the opportunity to play in an upcoming game. I had an idea for a character inspired by Princess Langwidere from the Wizard of Oz. Princess Langwidere was originally the character who had interchangeable heads(video for reference); the characters of Princess...