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  1. Deset Gled

    3.5 To TPK or Not to TPK, that is the question...

    Ah, I see. This is one of those classic "lawful stupid" paladins. The nice way out would be to have Ignus send what's left of the paladin back to any members of the party present, and ask them in they want to join their friend of leave. Let them decide for themselves if they want to end it...
  2. Deset Gled

    3.5 To TPK or Not to TPK, that is the question...

    I obviously haven't been in the game the whole time to know all the details, and maybe I'm misreading the situation, but it sounds to me like at least this half of the party is operating under a well-earned assumption that Ignus won't attack them until they draw first blood. First, Fireheart...
  3. Deset Gled

    T-Rex Tiny Hands Theory

    It's really not that big of a deal. Everyone knows the T-Rex can't properly target their spells if the PCs stay in one square.
  4. Deset Gled

    Never buy from Lowe's Ever.

    I was going to talk about HD's program to support Olympic athletes (basically, letting them work flex hours or part time for standard full time pay), but a quick search shows they actually ended the practice around 2009. Looks like a similar program has been picked up by Dick's sporting goods.
  5. Deset Gled

    Never buy from Lowe's Ever.

    I had problems getting kitchen work done through Home Depot. My takeaway is: The only thing you ever want to buy from a hardware store is hardware. My Kobalt ratcheting screwdriver is my favorite tool for rapidly removing a lot of screws in electronics. I have a Husky wrench in my kit that's...
  6. Deset Gled

    Tags and trouble sifting for content

    4 essay questions! :) Thanks.
  7. Deset Gled

    Tags and trouble sifting for content

    I have noticed a few small problems with the new forum system. First, the tag functions are missing. When creating new threads, there is no longer an option to classify a thread as "3E" or "5E" or "Homebrew" or anything else. Second, previous tag functions are broken. We used to be able to...
  8. Deset Gled

    Children's "hero" cartoons with non-male leads

    True and the Rainbow Kingdom. Or Shimmer and Shine, which is basically the same premise but (IMNSHO) not as good. Paw Patrol and Transformers: Rescue Bots follow the "token Pink Ranger" model, and are good for younger kids. Super Monsters has multiple female leads, who are occasionally...
  9. Deset Gled

    Operation 2: Gary Gygax Boogaloo

    In the previous incarnation of the ENWorld forums, there was a long term project to power level Gary Gygax to the top of the XP boards (Operation: Power Level Gary). It seems like the board upgrade has cost Col_Pladoh a lot of status (Notable members). I think it is only right for us to...
  10. Deset Gled

    How Many Streaming Services Is to Many?

    I currently have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO. HBO will go away when I'm done with Westworld (it came back for GoT). Amazon Prime is around because we also use it for shipping (although I admit I am fond of it as a service). In the past, I've rotated through CBS, Sling, and Youtube...
  11. Deset Gled

    It's the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

    Strange to think that they're still teenagers. We should do a reprint:
  12. Deset Gled

    If we find a structure on Mars

    I actually don't think the first discovery of a structure would be treated as a very big deal. It would be impossible for any truly "ancient" architecture to be differentiable from natural rock formations. Take a look at some of these completely natural occurring formations on earth: Fingal's...
  13. Deset Gled

    Happy Birthday, ENIAC!

    The granddaddy of (American) computers turned 70 on February 15th. http://technical.ly/philly/2016/02/15/10-facts-1991-video-celebrate-70th-birthday-eniac/ https://mitpress.mit.edu/blog/eniacs-birthday It took only 66 years for man to go from flying at Kitty Hawk to flying to the moon. And...
  14. Deset Gled

    Was the Death of Superman a big deal?

    This thread got me thinking about something. When Superman died in the 90s, it was big news. A complete game changer that threw the nerd world for a loop and had lasting effects on multiple series of comics. Such a big deal that knowledge of it crossed into mainstream media. I remember it...
  15. Deset Gled


    Did anybody else catch this? It's basically a major network version of Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire. Not quite as crude (but still not clean), and with musical numbers. I just watched the first episode (or was that two episodes?) that aired on Sunday. The show isn't what I...
  16. Deset Gled

    Walking Dead 5x01 "No Sanctuary" - Spoilers

    The Walking Dead returned last night. The episode was pretty good. Plenty of action including explosions and even inflamed zombies. I'm very pleased that Sanctuary got destroyed. I was worried they were going to spend the first half of the season doing nothing but "character development" for...
  17. Deset Gled

    Show us your desktop wallpaper

    I don't settle for just one wallpaper. I have a series of them that loops. All the images are pieces of H. R. Giger artwork. I modified most of them are slightly to make them more background-like: turning down the contrast, skewing the colors slightly, rotating and cropping as needed. Here...
  18. Deset Gled

    Annoying Copy and Paste Clinger

    Starting not too long ago, I noticed some annoying behavior on these forums. Any time you copy and paste a sizable chunk of text from a post, you get a little blurb automatically added to the end of the text that reads "Read more...
  19. Deset Gled

    Moderation by Deletion

    In the past, I've always seen offensive posts handled by the mods using red text, and spam posts handled by deletion. Today, for the first time, I noticed at least two threads where (AFAICT) offensive posts were completely removed rather than the mods posting in the thread. And I'm not talking...
  20. Deset Gled

    Does your game pass the Bechdel Test?

    We talk about gender issues with gaming regularly here, and I think it's fair to say that many of us (including myself) believe we are fairly equal and non-prejudiced. Recently, though, I had an interesting realization: despite the fact that there's often more than one female present, I can't...