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  1. Doc_Klueless

    Has online play changed your DM style?

    Yikes! I wasn't trying to say that. Just that I didn't like him cluttering up a good thread with whining about the mods.
  2. Doc_Klueless

    Has online play changed your DM style?

    Where's the guess on this? He came right out and said it: "burdening a discussion thread with arguing with moderation is not constructive, and against the rules. If you have an issue, take it to separate discussion in PMs" Myself? I'd appreciate it if you took your pissing contest with the...
  3. Doc_Klueless

    Has online play changed your DM style?

    And another thing that's changed for me (I was thinking about this on the way to have breakfast with my brother.)... When I look at a new rule set/game, I immediately start to think one of two things: 1) Does my preferred VTT have the rule set already supported so I can just plug-n-play and/or...
  4. Doc_Klueless

    Campaign in the Far North?

    Color me interested in this thread.
  5. Doc_Klueless

    Has online play changed your DM style?

    I was doing this, except that I was an hour late each time. It took one of the players asking what my time zone was. After I told him, he politely let me know that I had the time differences wrong by one hour. I thanked him and the group profusely for correcting me. Apologized a LOT for...
  6. Doc_Klueless

    Has online play changed your DM style?

    I'm not bookbarbarian, but I experienced the same thing. Many moons ago, I recorded several sessions, edited them, stuck them on Youtube, that sort of thing (those videos are now gone, but more "recent" play can be found if you go looking for Rat's Workshop). And as I watched them, I noticed...
  7. Doc_Klueless

    Midgard and WotC Campaigns. Where to set them?

    So, I've recently taken a liking to Midgard. My old go to stuff was either Homebrew or Greyhawk. (I dabbled in Eberron and Sword Coast, but they ain't my bag, baby.). For those in the know, where would you set the different adventures/campaigns and Why? I'm very curious. The Reason I'm Curious...
  8. Doc_Klueless

    Kickstarter: Mimic's Grids. Good idea?

    Note: I'm NOT shilling for the product and am looking for thoughtful input. Stumbled across this kickstarter, Mimic's Grids, that has me scratching my head and going: Why haven't we done this before? But, I'm not sure about them. Would somebody else take a gander and tell me what they think of...
  9. Doc_Klueless

    Using Fantasy Grounds for Face-to-Face?

    The FG kickstarter has got me really excited. I've been using FG for >10 years. Recently, I've gotten news that my group is moving back home just as I did. I've noticed that some have mentioned that they use FG for their face-to-face games. I have a few questions: How does that work? What is...
  10. Doc_Klueless

    Using a laying-flat monitor for F2F gaming. Clarity?

    I've seen lots of really cool setups with monitors laying flat on tables with maps on them. My question, for those who do this, how is the off-perpendicular clarity. In other words, sitting to the side of a monitor can make them look washed out. Is that a problem?
  11. Doc_Klueless

    The Expanse RPG: Churn is coming!

    Just got this email: "Hello backers, Mondays are rarely happy but today I have good news: The Expanse RPG has been approved! We will be sending the game to print this week and you also get your PDFs. To get those into your hands ASAP, we'll be emailing you links for comp copies at...
  12. Doc_Klueless

    Modern AGE. Anyone played it? Thoughts?

    A thread over on another forum in which I came to the realization that I'm so burned out on the Fantasy Pseudo-Medieval Genre got me thinking about what I'd like to play/run in the future. I'd supported the The Expanse RPG over on kickstarter and it dawned on me that it seems to be sorta based...
  13. Doc_Klueless

    PF Pathfinder Pawns: How do you store them?

    I love the Pathfinder Pawns. I don't even know why. Just do. As my collection grows, I find that what I'm using (Coin Collecting Pages with flip Coin Holders ) is working fairly well... at least for the moment. So I was curious to look at how others store them. Perhaps I'll see even a better...
  14. Doc_Klueless

    4e Rituals -> 5e

    As others have mentioned, some Rites (I like the name as well!) are duplicates of spells held by characters and that's ok with me for the most part depending on the spell (such as Raise Dead that should be firmly in the grasp of Clerics and such). I don't mind others being able to do some of the...
  15. Doc_Klueless

    4e Rituals -> 5e

    I never got to play 4e except for a couple of quick games I ran for my daughter and her friends before they asked to go back to Savage Worlds. One of the things I really liked about 4e was all the rituals. So. Many. Rituals! Just loved them. I recently (as of this morning) "found" a website...
  16. Doc_Klueless

    PAX South. Going?

    Any ENworlders gonna be at pax south? Never been and I just moved back to San Antonio after 15 years. Wonder what people thought of it and if they were going.
  17. Doc_Klueless

    Golarion update to 2e?

    Just a curiosity question: Is Paizo planning on "updating" the Golarion Inner Sea Guide to reflect Pathfinder 2? I don't own the setting and have no idea how much Rules-Bound it is. But I figured others may be curious as well.
  18. Doc_Klueless

    [Birthright] Battle Rules

    I was cleaning out my game collection of things I haven't used or looked at in 20 years (or at least it feels that way) when I stumbled over a box filled with Birthright stuff. I paged through the box set and saw the Battle Rules and the cards and such and thought: Hey, I wonder if anyone has...
  19. Doc_Klueless

    As a player: prefer Homebrew or Published settings?

    This thread I started over here after being sleep deprived from being on Call had some interesting replies that got me thinking. We've seen polls many times that ask GM/DMs if they prefer to run homebrew or published settings, but seldom have we asked players: When all other variables are equal...
  20. Doc_Klueless

    Would a campaign set in Greyhawk...

    ...deter you from playing in the Group? I ask because I'm torn between making another homebrew (which can be time consuming) or going the so-called lazy route and run using Greyhawk. I've moved across country and, as such, would be starting a new Face-to-Face group (my Fantasy Grounds group is...