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    5E Is 5e the Least-Challenging Edition of D&D?

    I was having a discussion with a player recently about how he was concerned that the party was going to get destroyed in the adventure I'm running - when the only real challenge happened when they split the party in four directions (no kidding - literally, the six characters went in four...
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    Which Online Virtual Tabletop Do You Use?

    I'm looking for a virtual tabletop for a 5e game for players across a few different states. We would like to also have voice chat (though that can be done through a different service). People will likely be using a variety of devices, not just PCs. Feel free to explain in the thread your...
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    Dungeon World

    I'm having a heck of a time challenging a party of 3 adventurers in Dungeon World. They can defeat any monster in the book with minimal effort. The cleric can heal any number of wounds using a Rote and expending zero resources. They are now 6th-7th level, and there is absolutely no challenge in...
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    Kickstarter Swords & Wizardry Boxed Set [Frog God Games]

    I just came across this one that started today. I thought it might interest some OSR fans on the board.
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    5E Anybody Seen/Played Frog God's Tegel Manor?

    I'm looking at dropping this in as a dungeon in one of my ongoing games for 5e, but I'm curious about the level range, page count, and general quality of the product. I have been unable to find these details on their official page or in general Google searches. And I'd like to know more before...
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    My apologies if this is too random for this board, but I'm looking for good watch ideas. I've had a "smartwatch" (a Google Gear S2) for a few years, but I rarely used it because it wouldn't even stay charged through an 8-hour workday (regardless of the settings, switching on power saving mode...
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    5E Our Next Adventure?

    So my friends and I are getting ready to wrap up our weekly Dungeon World Campaign after about 5 months. We have a small group of three players (plus a GM) and we play with video chat online as we're all in different cities. We're thinking that we should do 5e, as it's sort of the Rosetta...
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    PF2 You Have One Last Chance - Do You Try PF2?

    I've tried some experimentation in games, mostly to address desires of a few regular players. Someone wanted to try 4E (having missed that release); another wanted to play Savage Worlds; and another wanted to try Warhammer Fantasy. Now, I don't mind experimentation with other systems. However...
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    5E The Larger Failure of "Tyranny of Dragons"

    By now the Tyranny of Dragons plotline/campaign is largely considered a poor adventure for 5e (if not the worst official campaign). Perhaps it was the rocky start of Horde of the Dragon Queen, the railroad plot, the imbalanced encounters (take your pick), but it is almost universally maligned...
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    5E Rank the Official 5e Adventures

    Online, I've seen several rankings of the official Wizards of the Coast 5th edition adventures. But I don't recall having seen one on these forums, at least not recently. I've seen votes of the favorite (usually Curse of Strahd), but not a ranking of all of them - or a top 5. I'll post my...
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    5E How Do You Reward Attendance and Participation?

    My fiancée and I had nearly a three hour conversation about what I should do to improve my next campaign, whenever it comes around. I have been using milestone XP for several years now, which (I feel) has at least partially contributed to apathy from several players. (Why bother making an...
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    5E Best Adventures to Convert?

    I'm looking for what you think would be the best adventures/modules to adapt to 5e, with probably a focus on 3.5 and earlier. I'm specifically looking for something that would be a good basis for a campaign (or could fit in one nicely).
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    Your Experience with VTT - Free or Paid?

    It's really setting in that I have an uphill battle ahead of me trying to game in person these days. One of my consistent, outgoing, awesome players (and friends) is relocating for work. We're regularly facing sessions with 2-3 players. Attempts to find people online, through work, etc., have...
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    5E How Often Do You Use Grids?

    Feel free to elaborate below....
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    Looking for a fantasy based puzzle board game

    I was at Origins 2018, and a company was demoing a cooperative board game. It had a fantasy dungeon theme that had interactive puzzles. They were located near WizKids FWIW. They explained that the puzzles could be taken from the board game and be used in TTRPGS. Anyone know what I'm talking...
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    Maybe It's Time for a Break?

    I think I've reached the point now where I've been running games without much of a break multiple times per week for about the past 6-7 years. I've been following every new thing that's been coming out. Spending lots of time thinking about games, lots of money on products (books, minis, gaming...
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    5E Have I Already Reached the "End" of 5e Product Support?

    I'm looking for a campaign to run for some friends, but between all of us, I think that we've come to the end of the officially produced Wizards material. So if you have any 3pp suggestions or recommendations for something official that I'm just discounting unfairly, let me know. Lost Mines of...
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    Best Game System for This Situation

    My old college friends and I used to game together back in the AD&D 2e day and then moved into 3rd edition for a time before life pulled us to different ends of the country. We were able to get together occasionally and found that 5e was a pretty happy medium to be able to jump into a casual...
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    I Might Have to Run a Bad RPG System Next Week!

    My group is on board to play one of the most celebrated published campaigns of all time "The Enemy Within" for Warhammer Fantasy RPG. The problem is that try as I might (as a veteran of many game systems) I can't get the hang of the rules (even after reading over the rules for 9+ months). And...
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    How Do You Find Players?

    It's been a long time since I've had to recruit players, but slowly over the past 5-10 years, my gaming group has gone from a high of 12+ players to 2-3 reliable players. I live in a community of around 100,000 people. The local gaming stores don't have much of an RPG presence, focusing on...