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  1. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST Zetgeist 4e: How Many Players

    I started with a party of 5, but lost a player fairly soon after starting. I have been running the adventures as written quite successfully with only 4 players. I imagine that 6 players will require a bit of tweaking.
  2. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST Sneak peek

    I cannot seem to turn the virtual pages of this sneak preview. 🥴
  3. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST Spoilers - Renaming a landmark

    I was also thinking along these lines. If the Constables led the Colossus out to sea via the canal, this seems very appropriate. Titan's March or Titan's Run both work. Colossus Canal is a mouthful.
  4. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST [Chapter 6] Cantabrilla Challenge

    Currently running the Cantabrilla rail challenge for my group and designed this little tracker to make things easier. I used a program called Hex Kit by the awesome Cecil Howe at C O N E. Note: Rio la Heffa is listed at Mile 132 in the adventure, which also says that the tunnel through Serra...
  5. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST Bracer of Liberty?

    Hello, There's a magic item listed in Chapter 6 that doesn't seem to appear anywhere else in the text. Bracer of Liberty, which seems to have a similar effect to the fire the Glaucia utilizes in her court proceedings. Was the intention that she wears this item? Thanks, Shimrath.
  6. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST Adventure 5, Part 4 Clarifications (4E) [SPOILERS].

    Hello! Gearing up to run The Battle of Bosum Strand, but i've noticed some contradictory information. I would like to get clarification before i run the encounter to be sure it is as challenging as intended. 1. Under the stat-block for the Colossus, it says: "If the colossus takes 4 or more...
  7. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST [SPOILERS] Expedition to the [REDACTED].

    Chapter 5, Part 3: Into the Gate Regarding the Expedition to the Bleak Gate, in the description of the three main entrances to facility, it says: "Each of these also has a nearby U-shaped tunnel carved into the hillside, lined with rusted ring gates. These passageways, magically concealed, let...
  8. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST Advice on a Subrail PRE-Assault? [SPOILERS!]

    [Chapter 5, Thread 3, Radical Eschatologists, Subrail Assault] Since they witnessed the initial terrorist attacks in Pardwright District, The B-Team has been leading the investigation to find and stop the dwarven radicals. They thought the ribbon-cutting ceremony seemed like a ripe opportunity...
  9. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST Chapter 5, The B-Team [SPOILERS!]

    I think i may have made a mistake. . . Instead of the NPCs presented in the adventure, i had my players make 7th level Constables to represent the B-Team. It's been fun, and a nice break from their regular characters, but. . .i'm a little worried about their inevitable slaughter at the hands...
  10. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST Ottavia Sacredote on The Isle of Odiem (Spoilers, maybe).

    So, my constables have talked Ottavia out of a violent confrontation. What now? Did anyone else have it go down in a similar fashion? If so, please point me to your campaign journal or summarize the events that followed on the island and beyond. Also, how did Ottavia intend to leave the...
  11. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST Sly, of the Family Stone [SPOILERS]

    I ended up using the doppelganger abilities for Sly. . .but his screen-time was indeed fleeting. The Constables (shown in the image under their cover identities) made very short work of Sylvester "Sly" Fomazelli. Lord Glenscrisp Puddingsworth shot Sly in the neck with his rifled musket...
  12. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST Sly, of the Family Stone [SPOILERS]

    Sylvester “Sly” Fomazelli has an illusion-based trait called Disappear in a Crowd. It says. . . This power bothered me from the first read, and even more so now that the battle with Sly is upon my group. I'm not sure that i feel like it's overpowered, but more that it strikes into mechanical...
  13. Shimrath

    Avery Coast Railway Full Train Battle Map.

    I just threw this together for my next session (playing digitally with Fantasy Grounds) and thought it might be helpful for others. Enjoy!
  14. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST Chapter 4 Opening Planning Montage Skill Challenge Question

    The sidebar says. . . Number in the Party. During the skill challenge, for each PC fewer than five, reduce the number of successes needed for partial victories and complete victories. For each PC above five, increase the number of successes need by two. Which i'm reading as: Reduce the number...
  15. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST Naval Combat: Weather Gage

    I was preparing for my group's arrival at the dig site off the coast of Ber, and was trying to learn the quick-start rules for naval combat presented in the Extended Player's Guide. I found the part about "Wind and the Weather Gage" a bit confusing, and so decided to review the full rules...
  16. Shimrath


    5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons developers are asking the fan base who they'd like to see them collaborate with on future projects. See this link to Twitter: I would like to lead the charge and recommend that all of us nominate Ryan...
  17. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST Implanter (Ziggurat of Apet), Thoughtform Minion?

    Just prepping the Ziggurat of Apet for play. Should the implanters be thoughtform minions? Their flavor text says, "The ovipositor materializes solidly as it tries to burrow into your ear." Would having to hit these minions twice effect the overall difficulty of this (seemingly nasty) combat...
  18. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST And Now a Quick Word from a Shattered Bronze Golem. . .

    One of the characters in my group is a psion. When the heavy, magic emanating skull of the bronze golem was examined (Digging for Lies), the psion immediately decided to target it with a Sending ritual to see if anybody was home. The adventure states that Grappa's consciousness has merged with...
  19. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST Dying Skyseer - Industrial Disaster [SPOILERS]

    My group is just about to descend into the Witchoil Lab and i have a few quick questions about the entrance. 1. The lab is "partially" in the Bleak Gate, so i am assuming that without wearing an amulet, a constable cannot even perceive the spiral staircase leading downward? That's why the dead...
  20. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST Vekeshi Contact (Possible Spoilers)

    "one of the more experienced members of the Flint cell—he always wears a mask, but has distinctive hands, marked with scars and calluses" Does this NPC play any role in the campaign at a later stage, or is this just well-written description?