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  1. collin

    Eberron Campaign thread

    The conversion was long and arduous. If I had to do it over again, I would pick a different city than Sharn, like maybe Fairhaven in Aundair, and use more of the locations in the Waterdeep book. If you want to try using Sharn as the city and want help in converting the FR stuff over to more...
  2. collin

    Eberron Campaign thread

    I am currently running a reskinned version of Waterdeep: Dragonheist set in Sharn.
  3. collin

    5E Would it break the Ranger to give him Natural Explorer in every terrain?

    For my ranger character in a campaign that I've been playing, I had some discussions with the DM as to what we could do to make the ranger more effective and not get too power heavy. We settled on giving the character Hunter's Mark as an ability he could use x-number of times/day before needing...
  4. collin

    Companies Cut Ties With Judges Guild After Owner's Racist Posts

    I apologize. A wrong choice of words.
  5. collin

    Companies Cut Ties With Judges Guild After Owner's Racist Posts

    If they are mentally challenged enough to be racists in the first place, then it follows they are stupid enough to declare it to the world.
  6. collin

    Monk, What is Your Martial Code?

    I like the tenets you provided in your post. Reminds me of the tenets of the martial art that I trained in for many years: Courtesy Integrity Perseverance Self-control Indomitable spirit
  7. collin

    5E Recommendations for a 5e 3rd party adventure path?

    I would look at some of the old Paizo 3rd edition adventure paths, such as Age of Worms. A 5e conversion was begun some time ago and there are other threads on this forum that discuss it.
  8. collin

    Waterdeep Dragon Heist - Alliance between Cassalanters and Manshoon?

    I agree. I think Manshoon would easily use whoever might be able to help him achieve his goals. Go for it. I'd be curious to hear how this turns out for your players.
  9. collin

    Are you sick of the Swordcoast?

    I would not not say "sick" of it, but it does get rather tedious and boring to have everything set in a fairly finite area of the playing world. I am okay with playing in the FR (although my favorite setting is Eberron), but I would have thought by now that WotC would have at least been...
  10. collin

    5E Preview of Eberron Rising!

    I watched Part 1 of Adam Koebel's preview yesterday; ready to watch Part 2 today. I enjoy listening to him comment on certain aspects of published materials (even when I don't agree with his opinion).
  11. collin

    Ed Greenwood's Original Forgotten Realms Map

    I agree. I might be willing to part with some serious $$ if this were reproduced and sold. I love the detail to artwork, such as with the mountains. The time it must have taken to draw all of that ...
  12. collin

    5E What Seven Classes Would You Keep? (and why!)

    Bard Cleric Fighter Paladin Ranger Rogue Wizard I had a tough time with the last 2. I decided to go more traditional. The 2 I would easily sacrifice are sorcerer and warlock.
  13. collin

    Generate a One Page Dungeon with One Click!

    Now there's a tool I can use. Excellent :cool:
  14. collin

    New Eberron Minis: Skycoach, Lord of Blades, Dinos

    OMG! I am having a nerd-gasm. Awesome!
  15. collin

    Electronic / computer app die rollers

    Do you allow players to use electronic / smart phone / mobile app die rollers at your gaming table, and please comment if so, why, and if not, why not. Thanks!
  16. collin

    5E Eberron Homebrew Thread!

    Homebrew to my current Eberron adventure includes doing dragonmarks differently than in the Wayfinder's Guide (too different from 3.5 and complex they way they wrote them in the WGE) and I created my own version of the magewright NPC.
  17. collin

    5E Archetypes to add to 5e

    I really think this topic needs to be move back to its original intent and get off of these judgmental/painting-all-with-one-brush statements.
  18. collin

    Have Githzerai always been jerks?

    Yes. But less so than Githyanki
  19. collin

    Constructive Criticism for Your GM

    In my experience, there is no such thing as constructive criticism. There is criticism, but I have not found any criticism to be constructive, whether to me or to others around me. Rather, I think what is offered up here (and is better to think of rather than criticism) are more along the...
  20. collin

    Which edition of D&D did you grow up with?

    First game I played was basic D&D box set, circa late 1979. After that, I was introduced to AD&D 1e and went from there, playing fairly regularly during my later high school years and somewhat regularly during college (1e and 2e). I REALLY started taking an interest when 3e came out. I bought...