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  1. Flexor the Mighty!

    Stirges have cemented themselves as my favorite D&D monsters at this point...

    Just so many amazing memories of stirge fights. Mostly related to other party members trying to hack them off others. Again last night they have a classic in my S&W game. So they come across a chamber that is a trap. When three of them enter the floor begins to fall 10' per round and as a...
  2. Flexor the Mighty!

    Miniature scale creep is out of control!!!!!

    Its madness!!! At this point is Reaper 32mm in all but name? The newer guys I've bought were so big they really don't fit in with real 28mm stuff. And my 25mm stuff is pretty much only useful for hobbits. Using my Perry and Crusader historical stuff looks so off as they are more realisticlly...
  3. Flexor the Mighty!

    Questions for those who go to GaryCon.

    Really thinking of getting a silver badge and heading up this year. What to expect? Is it just non stop gaming with industry legends or is that more of the myth, or more reserved for those with the really expensive badges? How is the vendor setup? A lot of stuff for sale? Is the miniature...
  4. Flexor the Mighty!

    Great game stores in Dublin or Paris?

    Going to be across the pond next couple weeks and would like to check out any great game stores in either of those cities if I have time. Hopefully a place with a lot of miniatures and wargames stuff as well as RPG. Looking for stuff I don't normally find over here. Thanks!
  5. Flexor the Mighty!

    OSR Swords & Wizardry (or other OSR variant)

    So looking at some OSR rules to run Rappan Athuk . Any opinions on S&W?
  6. Flexor the Mighty!

    Circvs Maximvs is listed as a malware site

    When I go to that forum via the link here or just typing in the URL I'm warned to not go there as its a reported malware site by Firefox.
  7. Flexor the Mighty!

    Boardgames Catan 5th edition and Settlers of Catan 4th edtion.

    Does anyone know if the 5th edition expansions work with the 4th edition core set? I keep hearing not much changed gamewise but I can't confirm that.
  8. Flexor the Mighty!

    5E How did the final battle in Out of the Abyss go for your table? [spoilers]

    So finally after a year we got to the finale of OotA. I told them it was win or lose here, no bonus group of PC coming in if they all die. They placed the dark heart in came the demons. The party watched the battle royal and fought off some demons who got too close. Finally, only Demogorgon...
  9. Flexor the Mighty!

    WFRP 1e/2e best modules?

    I'm somewhat familiar with The Enemy Within, the classic WH campaign, but I've read it drops off quite a bit near the end, plus I'm not suer I want another AP style game. What are the gems of the WHFRP system? I'm planning on dropping 5e and switching to WH 2e and am looking for info on...
  10. Flexor the Mighty!

    5E Any good 5e PC generators?

    Web based preferably. Looking for something that can bang out stated and equipped 5e characters of any level. D&D Beyond's generator was pretty crappy when I tried it. I had all kinds of good onces for 3e. D&D beyond 12th level Dwarf fighter. Physical stats. 4-7-7. Really? 4 STR? :erm:
  11. Flexor the Mighty!

    5E Chill Touch and cover

    So Chill Touch creates a chilly hand in the monsters space and then it touches them if they make the ranged spell attack. Does that negate any cover? We are discussing this last night during the game. The players claimed that the hand is in the space so it does not suffer from cover.
  12. Flexor the Mighty!

    Dungeonstone 3d terrain

    Anyone have any experience with this stuff? Is it quality?
  13. Flexor the Mighty!

    5E 5e rot grubs?

    Am I missing these somewhere or have they not been adapted or whatnot for 5e?
  14. Flexor the Mighty!

    5E 5e RAW swimming.

    The players in my game are out on The Darklake and this has become a question. Looking through the RAW I'm not seeing any real restrictions on swimming in say full plate other than the movement speed issues for not having a swim speed. Am I missing something? According to RAW can you swim...
  15. Flexor the Mighty!

    5E Clarification of using cover with a grid map in 5e

    Looking at the example in the DMG for cover on a grid map they aren't very clear, well in some ways they are but in others no. The examples aren't the best either since they use a large creature as the target which leaves me with some questions for two equal size foes. OK so on page 250 of...
  16. Flexor the Mighty!

    5E Hoard of the Dragon Queen question. (spoilers)

    Maybe I'm missing something but assuming you didn't ally with the cloud giant and slew him how are you supposed to get off the crashing castle?
  17. Flexor the Mighty!

    5E Looking for Underdark modules to adapt to 5e.

    Any suggestions for classic Underdark adventures, either modules or Dungeon adventures, to adapt to 5e? Night Below any good? No particular setting in mind.
  18. Flexor the Mighty!

    5E Mounted combat.

    Let me know if I'm missing something. Unless you have the mounted combat feat there is no advantage to attacking a non mounted foe correct? Are there any rules I'm missing about using a riding horse in combat?
  19. Flexor the Mighty!

    Getting "screwed over" can be a lot of fun.

    So last night we are playing D&D and come across a situation where we can draw from a Deck of Many Things, a classic D&D artifact which surprisingly in 30 years of playing D&D I have never encountered. So of course we are all fired up to see what happens. The demon told us to say how many...
  20. Flexor the Mighty!

    Wargames Best medieval wargames rules?

    Looking for something for running battles from say 13th through 15th centuries. Wars of the Roses, 100 yr war, Scottish independence wars, etc.